Silver Cup

A Main Win List




The Silver Cup Race of Champions started in 1982 as a Late Model Race and then in 1990 on the 2nd day of this two-day event they added 360 Sprint Cars and to this day is still run today with the 360 Sprints being the head line class for this event…….
In 1999 is when it went to a Two-Day full show with Qualifying, Heats and Mains on both nights.....2020 No Race due to Covid



All-Time Win List for the Silver Cup:

all run at Silver Dollar Speedway
39 Total Races:


Roger Crockett  6
Sean Becker  5
Andy Forsberg  5
Kevin Urton  3
Chuck Gurney Jr.  2
Randy Tiner  2
Rico Abreu  1
Jayme Barnes  1
Mike Benson  1
Seth Bergman  1
Bryan Bullard  1
Jamie Cobby  1
Brian Crockett  1
Shane Golobic  1
Darrell Hanestad  1
Tim Kaeding  1
Kasey Kahne  1
Paul McMahan  1
Dan Menne  1
Brett Rollag  1
Shane Stewart  1
Tommy Tarlton  1
Colby Wiesz  1