January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

WoO Corrects win list…this is the way it should be

For the majority of its lifespan, the World of Outlaws credited only the winner of the finale of any multiple-day show with an official win. Over the course of forty years, hundreds of races weren’t officially counted as full point shows, and the drivers who won those races weren’t credited with official World of Outlaws wins. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, the time has come to revise the victory totals. After much discussion and debate, the Series has retroactively credited all previous FULL-FIELD preliminary wins as official wins. Below is the revised list, calling out the change from previous counts.


World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series All-Time Feature Winners

as of January 1, 2018


1Steve Kinser690+ 113
2Sammy Swindell394+100
3Donny Schatz261+12
4Mark Kinser203+50
5Doug Wolfgang140+33
6Danny Lasoski 122+32
7Joey Saldana105+6
8Dave Blaney94+24
9Stevie Smith84+14
10Daryn Pittman72+3
 Jac Haudenschild 72+16
12Craig Dollansky66+7
 Bobby Davis, Jr. 66+20
14Jason Meyers58+1
15Jeff Swindell51+21
16Andy Hillenburg 42+12
17David Gravel340
18Shane Stewart32+2
19Bobby Allen30+5
20Paul McMahan27+1
21Brad Sweet250
 Tim Shaffer25+8
23Ron Shuman24+10
 Kerry Madsen240
25Tim Kaeding21+1
 Rick Ferkel21+5
27Greg Hodnett20+5
28Brad Doty18+7
29Kraig Kinser170
 Johnny Herrera17+7
31Jason Sides 150
32Brooke Tatnell13+2
 Lance Dewease13+3
 Terry McCarl 13+1
35Tim Green 12+3
 Tyler Walker12+5
 Don Kreitz, Jr. 12+2
38Fred Rahmer11+3
 Dale Blaney110
40Jason Johnson10+1
 Danny Smith10+2
 Joe Gaerte10+2
43Keith Kauffman9+4
 Brent Kaeding9+5
 Kenny Jacobs 9+3
46Jimmy Sills 8+2
 Cody Darrah80
48Jeff Shepard7+3
 Chad Kemenah7+1
50Lee Osborne6+2
 Steve Smith6+3
 Lynn Paxton60
 Gary Wright6+2
 Logan Schuchart60
 Rico Abreu60
56Brad Furr5+2
 Danny Wood5+2
 Johnny Anderson 5+1
 Brian Paulus5+1
 Kyle Larson 50
61Dub May4+1
 Jack Hewitt4+1
 Danny Dietrich40
 Brian Brown40
65Cris Eash3+2
 Shane Carson30
 Lee James30
 Mark Dobmeier30
 Jason Solwold3+1
 Tony Stewart30
 Christopher Bell30
72Lee Brewer2+1
 Lealand McSpadden20
 Darrell Hanestad2+1
 Kramer Williamson20
 Rickey Hood2+1
 Smokey Snellbaker20
 Frankie Kerr20
 Billy Pauch20
 P.J. Chesson2+1
 Randy Hannagan20
 Greg Wilson20
 Chad Layton2+1
 Doug Esh20
 Sam Hafertepe, Jr.20
 Ian Madsen20
87Ed Lynch10
 Randy Ford18/3/78 at Eldora
 Jimmy Boyd10
 Johnny Beaber10
 Bentley Warren10
 Jim Edwards10
 Buster Venard10
 Rick Goudy10
 Allen Klinger10
 Larry Gates10
 Dean Thompson16/13/80 at ASCOT
 Bill Stief17/25/80 at Williams Grove
 Ken Schrader18/22/80 at Tri-City
 Terry Gray10
 Gary Scott10
 Tim Gee10
 Ronnie Daniels18/5/82 at Eldora
 Rick Ungar10
 Rocky Hodges10
 Dave Bradway, Jr.13/6/87 at Silver Dollar
 Chuck Miller10
 Craig Keel13/8/91 at San Jose
 Todd Shaffer10
 Jerry Stone10
 Joey Allen10
 Bill Brian, Jr. 10
 Kelly Kinser10
 Kevin Gobrecht10
 Jason Statler10
 Blake Feese10
 Mark Smith110/1/04 at Williams Grove
 Erin Crocker110/29/04 at Tulare
 Dean Jacobs10
 Kevin Swindell10
 Brian Leppo10
 Tony Bruce, Jr.10
 Sean Becker10
 Travis Jacobson10
 Lucas Wolfe10
 Shane Golobic10
 Roger Crockett10
 Carson Macedo10
 Jonathan Allard10
 Ryan Smith10
 Dusty Zomer10
 Stewart Friesen10
 Bill Balog10
 Parker Price-Miller10
 James McFadden10
 Brock Zearfoss10
 Kyle Hirst10