January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Tyler Thompson experienced the Highs and Lows of racing….



Tyler Thompson Racing…..


Two weeks ago Tyler experienced the Lows of racing on Friday Night at Willamette to the Highs the following night at Cottage Grove….On Friday July 27th at Willamette in ISCS Series action…Tyler was coming through the field in a crash fest night filled with Red Flags and he happened to miss them all Until………….then with just 7 laps to go coming out of turn 3 he thought he had cleared AJ Harbaugh only to clip his tire and what happen next was mayhem….he flipped and bent the chassis and ruined his last wing…..he went from a 7th place or better finish to outside the top ten…..any hopes it looked like of winning the ISCS Championship were gone….didn’t look good for him to race the following night at Cottage Grove…..then Kevin Journey (Allison’s dad) came to the rescue and they went to his shop and pulled out a chassis from 2008 and wing that was red that said Blonde Bombshell on it….Kevin said it was 20 plus years old and he got it back then used….so the team put the car together and duck taped the number 7t on the side of the Blonde Bombshell and showed up to race…He qualified 2nd fastest in his group and was only fourth in his heat but found himself in the re-draw for the top eight spots….then what happened next is hard to believe with an old car put together by the team during the day Tyler starting fourth did a great move after the poll sitter stuttered on the start and darted down low and took the lead from the start and when Tyler got into lap traffic he looked like a seasoned pro…picking the right lines every time being patient and on Saturday Night Tyler experienced the highs this sport can bring as he brought the red winged Blonde Bombshell home for his first ISCS career win……it was a great drive by a young driver who was hoping to just finish and he pulled off the win…..it was on to two Nights last weekend with the Summer Thunder Sprint Series 360 Sprints…..Tyler would have a solid showing in the car with only a handful of races in a 360 Tyler held his own…On Friday Night at Cottage Grove he would get 2nd in his heat and finish a solid 7th in a field filled with great drivers…..On Saturday Night at Cottage Grove Speedway….he would finish 3rd in his heat and just miss out inside the top ten with an 11th place finish……Now its onto the ISCS Week of Speed with 6 races in 6 nights at five different tracks……Tyler enters the week just 16 points out of first place……wishing Tyler the best as he competes this week…..



2018 By The Numbers:   22 Race, 9 Top 5’s, 12 Top 10…..3 Win’s and 5 Podiums


On Tap:  ISCS Limited Sprint Tour Week of Speed..Monday August 13 Coos Bay, Tuesday August 14 Cottage Grove, Wednesday August 15 Willamette Speedway, Thursday August 16 Banks Speedway, Friday and Saturday August 17 and 18th at Grays Harbor Raceway……..


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