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2010 Speedweek Results



2010 Speedweek 



2010 ASCS NW Speedweek Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

2010 ASCS NW Fred Brownfield Memorial Race :  41 Jason Johnson


Monday July 12, 2010 Southern Oregon Speedway, Medford, Oregon

Night #1 of Speedweek

Race #6

36 Cars


Heat 1: 6 Kyle Hirst, 6n Billy Nutter, 21w Vern Wheeler, 22 Garen Linder, 7n Jayme Barnes,

0j Jay Cole, 55x Ryan Gomes, 33v Henry Van Dam, 23b Colin Baker

Heat 2: 08 Steve Vague, 11 Roger Crockett, 39c Jason Solwold, 13 Chadd Noland, 2z Todd

Zeitler, 5n Seth Nunes, 12p Randy Pierce, 11w Shane Broers, 2L Logan Forler

Heat 3: 29 Travis Rilat, 26f Shane Forte, 75 Dan Menne, 73 Danielle Huson, 55 Trey Starks,

96 Mack Brown, 94 Steven Tiner, 19 TJ Hartman, 27dd David Hoiness

Heat 4: 98m Mitch Olson, 10 Kyle Miller, 33v Henry Van Dam, 23 Seth Bergman, 4c Charlie

Cash, 88 Brent Hoover, 25c Chad Groves, 93 Marissa Earle, 87a Andrew Marshala


1st B Main: 7n Barnes, 55 Starks, 11w r, 55x Gomes, 5n Nunes, 5d Dewitt, 19 Hartman,

25c C Groves, 2L Forler, 88 Hoover, 2z Zeitler

2nd B Main: 13 Noland, 94 Tiner, 33v Van Dam, 4c Cash, 0j Cole, 27dd Hoiness, 12p Pierce,

23b Baker, 96 M Brown, 93 Earle, 87a Marshala


A Main: 29 Rilat, 98m Olson, 6 Hirst, 21w Wheeler, 11 Crockett, 23 Bergman, 13 Noland,

7n Barnes, 94 Tiner, 75 Menne, 22 Linder, 10 K Miller, 39c Solwold, 33v Van Dam,

55 Starks, 26f Forte, 11w Broers, 08 Vague, 73 Huson, 6n Nutter


Tuesday July 13, 2010 Willamette Speedway, Lebanon, Oregon

Night #2 of Speedweek

Race #7

35 Cars


Heat 1: 99 Brady Bacon, 29 Travis Rilat, 13 Chadd Noland, 23 Seth Bergman, 41 Jason

Johnson, 21w Vern Wheeler, 25c Chad Groves, 87a Andrew Marshala, 27dd David Hoiness

Heat 2: 11 Roger Crockett, 08 Steve vague, 94 Steven Tiner, 98m Mitch Olson, 33v Henry

Van Dam, 6 Kyle Hirst, 26f Shane Forte, 23b Colin Baker, 72 Glen Borden Jr.

Heat 3: 2L Logan Forler, 10 Kyle Miller, 6n Billy Nutter, 96 Mack Brown, 22 Garen Linder,

19 TJ Hartman, 73 Danielle Huson, 11w Shane Broers, 2m Mike Melwicks

Heat 4: 7n Jayme Barnes, 12p Randy Pierce, 0j Jay Cole, 39c Jason Solwold, 55 Trey

Starks, 5d Josh Dewitt, 5n Seth Nunes, 55x Ryan Gomes


1st B Main: 41 J Johnson, 33v Van Dam, 19 Hartman, 22 Linder, 23b Baker, 73 Huson,

55 Starks, 11w Broers, 55x Gomes, 5n Nunes, 72 Borden Jr.

2nd B Main: 98m Olson, 6 Hirst, 5d Dewitt, 27dd Hoiness, 2m Melwicks, 26f Forte,

96 M Brown, 87a Marshala, 25c C Groves, 21w Wheeler


A Main: 11 Crockett, 6 Hirst, 94 Tiner, 41 J Johnson, 29 Rilat, 98m Olson, 33v Van Dam,

13 Noland, 10 K Miller, 5d Dewitt, 2L Forler, 19 Hartman, 08n Vague, 0j Cole,

39c Solwold, 6n Nutter, 7n Barnes, 23 Bergman, 12p Pierce, 99 Bacon


Wednesday July 14, 2010 Sunset Speedway, Banks, Oregon

Night #3 of Speedweek

Race #8

30 Cars


Heat 1: 33v Henry Van Dam, 55 Trey Starks, 23 Seth Bergman, 0j Jay Cole, 26f Shane Forte,

12p Randy Pierce, 24 Theo McCarty, 29 Travis Rilat

Heat 2: 6 Kyle Hirst, 08 Steve Vague, 39c Jason Solwold, 11 Roger Crockett, 31 Colton

Akerstrom, 11w Shane Broers, 5d Josh Dewitt, 87a Andrew Marshala

Heat 3: 98m Mitch Olson, 94 Steven Tiner, 7n Jayme Barnes, 13 Chadd Noland, 41 Jason

Johnson, 2m Mike Melwicks, 73 Danielle Huson

Heat 4: 2L Logan Forler, 10 Kyle Miller, 22 Garen Linder, 19 TJ Hartman, 27dd David

Hoiness, 96 Mack Brown, 21w Vern Wheeler


1st B Main: 41 J Johnson, 13 Noland, 2m Melwicks, 27dd Hoiness, 21w Wheeler,

12p Pierce, 24 McCarty, 87a Marshala

2nd B Main: 0j Cole, 31 Akerstrom, 96 M Brown, 73 Huson, 26f Forte, 11w Broers,

5d Dewitt, 29 Rilat DNS


A Main: 6 Hirst, 33v Van Dam, 39c Solwold, 23 Bergman, 98m Olson, 55 Starks, 11 Crockett,

41 J Johnson, 7n Barnes, 94 S Tiner, 08 Vague, 19 Hartman, 10 K Miller, 22 Linder,

2L Forler, 2m Melwicks, 13 Noland, 96 M Brown, 31 Akerstrom, 0j Cole


Friday July 16, 2010 Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington

Night #4 of Speedweek

Night #1 of the 4th Annual Fred Brownfield Memorial Race

Race #9

(Second year in a row that the ASCS National Tour comes to the West Coast)

58 Cars (Most ever in Grays Harbor Raceway history)


Heat 1: 10a Ricky Logan, 53 Jack Dover, 23n Gary Taylor, 57 Shane Stewart, 6n Billy Nutter,

0j Jay Cole, 55 Trey Starks, 27dd David Hoiness, 87a Andrew Marshala

Heat 2: 11 Roger Crockett, 72 Glen Borden Jr., 94 Danny Wood, 93 Dustin Morgan, 73 Danielle

Huson, 95 Matt Covington, 57c Chris Schmelzle, 2L Logan Forler, 26 Sammy Wright

Heat 3: 7n Jayme Barnes, 99 Brady Bacon, 25c Chad Groves, 08 Steve Vague, 94t Steven

Tiner, 76 Shawn Rice, 35a Wayne Johnson, 23 Seth Bergman,

Heat 4: 39c Jason Solwold, 44w Austen Wheatley, 50z Zach Chappell, 99v Randy Van Aagten,

38 Jake Mann, 5d Josh Dewitt, 11 Roger Crockett, 5h Justyn Cox

Heat 5: 22 Garen Linder, 98m Mitch Olson, 9p Jared Peterson, 71 Channin Tankersley,

11w Shane Broers, 44 Kelly Miller, 15 Dan Dunlap, 2m Mike Melwicks (Crashed

hard in turn 2 on the cool down lap, he walked away, but hasn’t raced since)

Heat 6: 13 Chadd Noland, 29 Travis Rilat, 33v Henry Van Dam, 7 JJ Hickle, 21w Vern

Wheeler, 31 Colton Akerstrom, 96 Mack Brown, 54 Mike Gable

Heat 7: 3g Darren Long, 18 Tony Bruce Jr., 8r Travis Jacobson, 88 Tim Crawley, 19 TJ

Hartman, 6 Kyle Hirst, 9j JJ Dishneau, 10j Jake Waddell


1st B Main: 18 Bruce Jr., 94 Wood, 9p Peterson, 55 Starks, 08 Vague, 0j Cole,

57c Schmelzle, 7 Hickle, 73 D Huson, 87a Marshala, 38 Mann, 31 Akerstrom,

54 Gable, 23 Bergman

2nd B Main: 33v Van Dam, 94t Tiner, 95 Covington, 35a W Johnson, 93 Morgan, 2L Forler,

6 Hirst, 72 Borden Jr., 76 Rice, 10j Waddell, 26 Wright, 25c C Groves,

11w Broers, 15 D Dunlap DNS

3rd B Main: 23n G Taylor, 8r T Jacobson, 11 Crockett, 5h Cox, 6n Nutter, 5d Dewitt,

9j Dishneau, 19 Hartman, 44 K Miller, 27dd Hoiness, 96 M Brown, 99v Van

Aagten, 21w Wheeler, 2m Melwicks DNS


A Main: 41 J Johnson, 7n Barnes, 57 Stewart, 10a Logan, 71 Tankersley, 98m Olson, 6 Hirst,

39c Solwold, 53 Dover, 23n G Taylor, 99 Bacon, 13 Noland, 33v Van Dam, 22 Linder,

3g Long, 8r T Jacobson, 88 Crawley, 94t Tiner, 44w Wheatley, 18 Bruce Jr., 29 Rilat,

94 Wood, 95 Covington, 50z Chappell


Saturday July 17, 2010 Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington

Night #5 of Speedweek

Night #2 of the 4rth Annual Fred Brownfield Memorial Race

Race #10

($10,092 went to 41 Jason Johnson as he wins FBM)

55 Cars


Top 4 from Friday Nights “A” Main locked into Saturday’s A Main( 41 Johnson, 7n Barnes

57 Stewart, 10a Logan)

Heat 1: 23n Gary Taylor, 44 Kelly Miller, 57c Chris Schmelzle, 6n Billy Nutter, 11 Roger

Crockett, 11w Shane Broers, 95 Matt Covington, 08 Steve Vague, 99 Brady Bacon DNS

Heat 2: 39c Jason Solwold, 88 Tim Crawley, 98m Mitch Olson, 5h Justyn Cox, 99v Randy

Van Aagten, 6 Kyle Hisrt, 93 Dustin Morgan, 9j JJ Dishneau, 96 Mack Brown

Heat 3: 94 Danny Wood, 55 Trey Starks, 35a Wayne Johnson, 50z Zach Chappell, 8r Travis

Jacobson, 18 Tony Bruce Jr., 31 Colton Akerstrom, 26 Sammy Wright, 27dd David Hoiness

Heat 4: 0j Jay Cole, 9p Jared Peterson, 2L Logan Forler, 73 Danielle Huson, 5d Josh Dewitt,

15 Dan Dunlap, 19 TJ Hartman, 10j Jake Waddell DNS

Heat 5: 13 Chadd Noland, 33v Henry Van Dam, 7 JJ Hickle, 29 Travis Rilat, 71 Channin

Tankersley, 23 Seth Bergman, 3g Darren Long, 26f Shane Forte

Heat 6: 22 Garen Linder, 53 Jack Dover, 72 Glen Borden Jr., 25c Chad Groves, 87a Andrew

Marshala, 38 Jake Mann, 94t Steven Tiner, 44w Austen Wheatley


1st B Main: 6n Nutter, 55 Starks, 29 Rilat, 71 Tankersley, 98m Olson, 93 Morgan, 73 D Huson,

9j Dishneau, 31 Akerstrom, 11w Broers, 18 Bruce Jr., 44w Wheatley DNS, 27dd Hoiness DNS

2nd B Main: 5h Cox, 94t Tiner, 99 Bacon, 23 Bergman, 3g Long, 38 Mann, 15 D Dunlap,

96 M Brown, 25c C Groves, 44 K Miller, 7 Hickle, 11 Crockett, 87a Marshala DNS

3rd B Main: 88 Crawley, 50z Chappell, 5d Dewitt, 8r T Jacobson, 6 Hirst, 57c Schmelzle,

95 Covington, 99v Van Aagten, 26f Forte, 19 Hartman, 26 Wright, 08 Vague DNS,

10j Waddell DNS


A Main: 41 J Johnson, 57 Stewart, 10a Logan, 53 Dover, 13 Noland, 23n G Taylor, 7n Barnes,

88 Crawley, 99 Bacon, 9p Peterson, 94 Wood, 18 Bruce Jr., 94t Tiner, 5h Cox, 55 Starks,

50z Chappell, 6n Nutter, 0j Cole, 22 Linder, 33v Van Dam, 2L Forler, 72 Borden Jr.,

39c Solwold, 35a W Johnson (in bad accident that caused him to miss the rest of the

Year with a Broken Foot)