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2009 Speedweek Results



2009 Speedweek



2009 ASCS NW Speedweek Champion:  13 Jesse Hockett


Monday July 13, 2009 Southern Oregon Speedway, Medford, Oregon

Night #1 of Speedweek

Race #7

(the late Jesse Hockett wins in Oregon for the 1st time)

26 Cars


Heat 1: 35a Wayne Johnson, 94 Steven Tiner, 12 Jared Ridge, 33v Henry Van Dam, 25c Chad

Groves, 96x Mack Brown, 11 Roger Crockett, 26 Tayler Malsam, 23 Colin Baker

Heat 2: 13 Jesse Hockett, 75 Dan Menne, 21w Vern Wheeler, 0j Jay Cole, 5h Justyn Cox,

68 Rob Held, 4c Charlie Cash, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 3 Dave Hibbard

Heat 3: 12p Randy Pierce, 2z Todd Zeitler, 7n Chad Noland, 6 Kyle Hirst, 98m Mitch Olson,

2 Mike Melwicks, 94z Zach Zimmerly, 83m Mike Stallings


B Main: 94z Zimmerly, 96x M Brown, 68 Held, 2 Melwicks, 83m Stallings, 23 C Baker, 6m Del Rosa,

3 Hibbard, 26 Malsam, 4c Cash,


A Main: 13 Hockett, 35s W Johnson, 94 S Tiner, 0j Cole, 12 Ridge, 75 Menne, 21w Wheeler,

11 Crockett, 33v Van Dam, 68 Held, 5h Cox, 2 Melwicks, 98m Olson, 94z Zimmerly,

25c C Groves, 12p Pierce, 96x M Brown, 2z Zeitler, 6 Hirst, 7n Noland


Tuesday July 14, 2009 Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Night #2 of Speedweek

Race #8

(Hockett wins again)

31 Cars


Heat 1: 11 Roger Crockett, 98m Mitch Olson, 12 Jared Ridge, 2 Mike Melwicks, 7n Chadd

Noland, 21w Vern Wheeler, 68 Rob Held, 10 Kyle Miller (Disqualified)

Heat 2: 13 Jesse Hockett, 0j Jay Cole, 94z Zach Zimmerly, 23 Colin Baker, 15d Dan Dunlap,

83m Mike Stallings, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 3 David Hibbard

Heat 3: 94 Steve Tiner, 26 Tayler Malsam, 25c Chad Groves, 41 Dale Smith, 6 Kyle Hirst,

44w Austen Wheatley, 96x Mack Brown, 57 Shane Stewart (Disqualified)

Heat 4: 51 Jason Solwold, 35a Wayne Johnson, 33v Henry Van Dam, 8 Travis Rutz,

33 Nate Morelock, 5h Justyn Cox, 12p Randy Pierce


1st B Main: 57 Stewart, 44w Wheatley, 10 K Miller, 68 Held, 33 Morelock, 5h Cox, 3 Hibbard, 15d Dunlap

2nd B Main: 6 Hirst, 2 Melwicks, 21w Wheeler, 83m Stallings, 12p Pierce, 6m Del Rosa, 96x M Brown DNS


A Main: 13 Hockett, 0j Cole, 57 Stewart, 11 Crockett, 35a W Johnson, 12 Ridge, 98m Olson,

25c C Groves, 41 D Smith, 23 C Baker, 33v Van Dam, 26 Malsam, 6 Hirst, 94z Zimmerly,

94 S Tiner, 44w Wheatley, 7n Noland, 8 Rutz, 51 Solwold, 2 Melwicks


Wednesday July 15, 2009 Willamette Speedway, Lebanon, Oregon

Night #3 of Speedweek

Race #9

(Hockett wins three in a row)

27 Cars


Heat 1: 11 Roger Crockett, 13 Jesse Hockett, 68 Rob Held, 25c Chad Groves, 8 Travis Rutz,

26 Tayler Malsam, 33v Van Dam, 41 Dale Smith, 83m Mike Stallings

Heat 2: 6 Kyle Hirst, 94 Steven Tiner, 2 Mike Melwicks, 35a Wayne Johnson, 33 Nate Morelock,

15d Dan Dunlap, 96x Mack Brown, 45 Jeff Rivers, 5h Justyn Cox

Heat 3: 3d Paul McMahon, 98m Mitch Olson, 12 Jared Ridge, 0j Jay Cole, 12p Randy Pierce,

7n Chadd Noland, 23 Colin Baker, 94z Zach Zimmerly, 6m Philip Del Rosa DNS


B Main: 8 Rutz, 7n Noland, 25c C Groves, 33 Morelock, 23 C Baker, 94z Zimmerly, 41 D Smith,

5h Cox, 45 Rivers, 33v Van Dam, 96x M Brown, 83m Stallings, 6m Del Rosa


A Main: 13 Hockett, 11 Crockett, 3d McMahon, 94 S Tiner, 6 Hirst, 98m Olson, 7n Noland,

12 Ridge, 35a W Johnson, 2 Melwicks, 26 Malsam, 25c C Groves, 68 Held, 8 Rutz,

0j Cole, 33 Morelock, 23 C Baker, 15d Dunlap, 94z Zimmerly, 12p Pierce


Friday July 17, 2009 Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington

Night #4 of Speedweek

Night #1 of the 3rd Annual Fred Brownfield Memorial Race

Race #10

(1st ever visit to the West Coast by the ASCS National Tour)

52 Cars


Heat 1: 11c Roger Crockett, 13 Jesse Hockett, 41 Jason Johnson, 91 Gary Taylor,

9j JJ Dishneau, 21w Vern Wheeler, 15d Dan Dunlap, 7n Chadd Noland, 29v Robby Vaughn

Heat 2: 88 Tim Crawley, 08n Steve Vague, 3d Paul McMahon, 0j Jay Cole, 1 Sean

McClelland, 94z Zach Zimmerly, 6 Jayme Barnes, 76 Shawn Rice, 5h Justyn Cox

Heat 3: 98m Mitch Olson, 94 Steven Tiner, 9p Jared Peterson, 2m Mike Melwicks,

44w Austen Wheatley, 4 Nick Engberg, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 15c Cody Anderlini, 26 Travis Rutz

Heat 4: 51 Jason Solwold, 72 Glen Borden Jr., 12 Jared Ridge, 57 Shane Stewart, 25c Chad

Groves, 7 JJ Hickle, 33v Henry Van Dam, 11 Chad Corken, 81au Gavin Punch DNS

Heat 5: 18 Tony Bruce Jr., 9x Gary Wright, 2 Kenneth Walker, 35a Wayne Johnson, 7 Darren

Long, 23t Colin Baker, 18t Travis Jacobson, 96 Mack Brown

Heat 6: 7k Danny Kirkpatrick, 29 Travis Rilat, 23 Seth Bergman, 12p Randy Pierce, 15j Jeff

Dunlap, 53 Jack Dover, 94 Danny Wood, F1 Rick Fauver


1st B Main: 1 McClelland, 0j Cole, 7 Hickle, 08 Vague, 26 Rutz, 94 Wood, 44w Wheatley,

2m Melwicks, 18t T Jacobson, 15c Anderlini, 6m Del Rosa, 7n Noland DNS

2nd B Main: 7 Long, 53 Dover, 72 Borden Jr., 35a W Johnson, 94z Zimmerly, 76 S Rice,

12p Pierce, 21w Wheeler, 5h Cox, 4 Engberg, 96 M Brown, 11 Corken

3rd B Main: 2 K Walker, 33v Van Dam, 9p Peterson, 6 Barnes, 25c C Groves, 9j Dishneau,

23t C Baker, 15d D Dunlap, 15j J Dunlap, 29v Vaughn, F1 Fauver DNS, 81au Punch DNS


A Main: 11c Crockett, 29 Rilat, 88 Crawley, 41 J Johnson, 57 Stewart, 94t Tiner, 13 Hockett,

18 Bruce Jr., 9x Wright, 3d McMahon, 12 Ridge, 33v Van Dam, 1 McClelland, 53 Dover,

94 Wood, 2 K Walker, 11 Corken, 0j Cole, 51 Solwold, 7k D Kirkpatrick, 23 Bergman,

7 Long, 98m Olson, 91 G Taylor


Saturday July 18, 2009 Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington

Night #5 of Speedwek

Night #2 of the 3rd Annual Fred Brownfield Memroial Race

Race #11

51 Cars

Top 4 From Friday nights “A” main locked into tonights “A” main (11c Crockett, 29 Rilat,

88 Crawley, 41 J Johnson)


Heat 1: 13 Jesse Hockett, 9j JJ Dishneau, 26 Travis Rutz, 08 Steve Vague, 12 Jared Ridge,

23 Seth Bergman, 6 Jayme Barnes, 11 Chad Corken, 72 Glen Borden Jr., 2 Kenneth Walker

Heat 2: 9p Jared Peterson, 9x Gary Wright, 18 Tony Bruce Jr., 33v Henry Van Dam, 0j Jay

Cole, 15c Cody Anderlini, 53 Jack Dover, 7k Danny Kirkpatrick, 15j Jeff Dunlap, 81au Gavin Punch DNS

Heat 3: 2m Mike Melwicks, 94t Steven Tiner, 3d Paul McMahon, 25c Chad Groves, 76 Shawn

Rice, 12p Randy Pierce, 44w Austen Wheatley, 4 Nick Engberg, 96 Mack Brown

Heat 4: 1 Sean McClelland, 57 Shane Stewart, 35a Wayne Johnson, 18t Travis Jacobson,

98m Mitch Olson, 23t Colin Baker, 5h Justyn Cox, 21w Vern Wheeler, 15d Dan Dunlap

Heat 5: 94 Danny Wood, 51 Jason Solwold, 91 Gary Taylor, 29v Robby Vaughn, 94z Zach

Zimmerly, 7 Darren Long, 33 Nate Morelock, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 7 JJ Hickle


1st B Main: 35a W Johnson, 3d McMahon, 29v Vaughn, 08 Vague, 7 Long, 2 K Walker,

7k D Kirkpatrick, 23t C Baker, 15c Anderlini, 72 Borden Jr., 96 M Brown, 33 Morelock

2nd B Main: 0j Cole, 33v Van Dam, 94t Tiner, 91 G Taylor, 6 Barnes, 98m Olson, 4 Engberg,

12p Pierce, 5h Cox, 6m Del Rosa, 15j J Dunlap, 81au Punch DNS

3rd B Main: 57 Stewart, 53 Dover, 11 Corken, 76 Rice, 44w Wheatley, 21w Wheeler, 23 Bergman,

94z Zimmerly, 25c C Groves, 15d D Dunlap, 7 Hickle DNS


A Main: 29 Rilat, 41 J Johnson, 26 Rutz, 9x Wright, 88 Crawley, 18 Bruce Jr., 91 Taylor,

57 Stewart, 35a W Johnson, 3d McMahon, 18t T Jacobson, 0j Cole, 2m Melwicks,

9p Peterson, 33v Van Dam, 12 Ridge, 9j Dishneau, 51 Solwold, 94 Wood,

13 Hockett, 53 Dover, 7 Long, 1 McClelland, 11c Crockett (disqualified after finishing

First but coming up 7 Pounds light at the weigh Station and was disqualified)


Top 10 in Speedweek Points:

1. 13 Hockett 696, 2. 11c Crockett 674, 3. 12 Ridge 658, 4. 0j Cole 648, 5. 35a W Johnson 625,

6. 94t Tiner 619, 7. 33v Van Dam 581, 8. 98m Olson 577, 9. 2m Melwicks 565, 10. 25c Groves 530