January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Orion Redmond wins Limited Sprint Race at Cottage Grove Speedway…



Saturday March 31, 2018    Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

19 Cars



Fast Time:  7 Tyler Thompson  


Heat #1:  85 Ricky Ashley, 70 Raquel Ivie, 25s Camden Robustelli, 1k Kinser Cox, 7 Tyler Thompson,

                 18h AJ Harbaugh, 3b Ian Bandy

Heat #2:  12o Orion Redmond, 71 Hedge Carter, 4d Cooper Desbiens, 4J Allison Journey, 12s Steven 

                   Snawder, 66 Tyrell Mead

Heat #3:  26f Shane Forte, 18t Tanner Holms, 17 Colby Carter, 0 Ashleigh Johnson, 10k Don Waddell,

                  39 Justin Walker


Dash:  70 Ivie, 26f Forte, 4d Desbiens, 7 T Thompson


A Main:  12 O Redmond, 26f Forte, 85 Ashley, 18t Holms, 1k Cox, 7 Thompson, 17 C Carter, 25s Robustelli,

                 70 Ivie, 12s Snawder, 4J Journey, 10k Waddell, 3b Bandy, 0 A Johnson, 39 Walker, 4d Desbiens, 

                 18 Harbaugh, 71 H Carter