January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Mondays with Mo………….




Hello everyone I’ll be doing some articles every week on the drivers that nwsprintcarhistory.com is

sponsoring…..there will be Tuesdays with Tyler Thompson…who will be running the new ISCS Limited series 

and all the Limited and some 360 races at Cottage Grove Speedway…will also be doing a recap of all of Garrett 

Thomas races in the Northwest Focus Series……and on Mondays and below is the first installment of Mondays

with Mo…Morgan Turpen the closest thing I have seen to Shawna Wilskey behind a 360….so I hope you 

enjoying keeping up with the drivers that are part of my team….again I’m only one of many sponsors that 

these drivers have….so here is Mondays with Mo…..




Mondays with Mo……Morgan Turpen



Morgan started her season off in solid form by getting two top fives this past weekend…Racing for Terry 

Gray Motorsports in her 10m….she started off Friday night at Southern Raceway in Milton, Florida in the 

the USCS 360 Sprint Series called the Battle at the Beach, winning her heat. In the main it was stacked

with many of the full-time ASCS National regulars….She started 4th and came home 4th right in front of 

Washington native Seth Bergman. She finished behind her boss Terry Gray who won the A Main, followed my 

Matt Covington and Wayne Johnson…in this race also was Tony Stewart, Danny Smith, and Harli White. Morgan

has really been on a roll the last two years winning 15 times in that time frame…she has 3 times been crowned 

the USCS Series Champion and multiple times has won USCS Region Championships…..she has 23

wins already and she’s just getting started. Morgan came back on Saturday again at Southern Raceway where 

she won her heat again started 5th in the main and and finished 5th…with Seth Bergman picking up the win.

Again she finished right behind both W Johnson and Covington, but bested Danny Smith, Terry Gray and 

Tony Stewart on her way to another top five….This is old hat for Morgan who is literally one of the most 

consistent drivers I have seen…she’s in good equipment and knows how to drive and put it back in the trailer in one

piece. Here is just the last three years stats…..in 2015 she was in 46 races and had 38 top 10’s and 22 top 5’s, 

along with 14 podiums..so only 8 times was she outside the top ten. In 2016 she up’d her game and in 39 races 

she picked up 6 wins, 14 more podiums, 25 top 5’s and 35 top 10’s and only missed the A Main on two occasions.

Now enter 2017 and she goes off the rail, picking up 9 wins and at one point she won 4 in a row over the likes of 

Sammy Swindell, Tony Stewart and many of the ASCS National Regular drivers….she was in the top ten 40 of 41 

races are you kidding me….there are WoO drivers that can’t match those stats. She had 26 top 5’s and was standing 

on the podium 18 times. Morgan is just one bad lady and she is looking forward to this year as she will hopefully

have some opportunities to drive a 410 and some midget races. This week Morgan is heading to Mississippi…to run

two races with the USCS regional series Mid-South and Deep South…On Friday night its to Hattisburg Speedway and

on Saturday Night its Magnolia Motor Speedway. I look forward to sharing with you every week what Morgan is 

up to and how her weekend’s went, till next week enjoy……