January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

2017 Bob’s & Brew’s 360 Nationals Results




2017 Bob’s and Brew’s

360 Nationals Results





2017 Bob’s & Brew’s 360 Nationals Champion:   18 Jason Solwold




Friday July 28, 2017   Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #1 of the 360 Nationals

32 Cars



Fast Time:  59 Eric Fisher 11.463


Heat #1:  51F Jared Peterson, 44w Austen Wheatley, 59 Eric Fisher, 8r JJ Hickle, 21p Robbie Price,

                  12 Jared Ridge, 9r Reece Goetz, 29w Steven James

Heat #2:  39c Travis Rilat, 98r Barry Martinez, 11 Marc Duperron, 42 Devin Madonia, 22x Trevor Cook,

                  5r Steve Reeves, 57 Bud Ashe, 15 Jeff Dunlap

Heat #3:  17 Cam Smith, 18 Jason Solwold, 91 Chase Goetz, 33 Colton Heath, 29 Brandon Harkness,

                  33s Lance Sargent, 4b Cale Brooke, 97r Jason Reed

Heat #4:  79k Kelsey Carpenter, 7n Roger Crockett, 57c Chris Schmelzle, 12a Casey Adams, 9a Luke 

                  Didiuk, 5 Brian Boswell, 33r Bill Rude


B Main:  22x Cook, 22L Linder, 33s Sargent, 12 Ridge, 57 B Ashe, 9a Didiuk, 21p Price, 9r R Goetz, 

                 15 J Dunlap, 97r Reed, 4b Brooke, 5 Boswell, 33r Rude, 29w James, 5r Reeves, 29 B Harkness


A Main:  33 Heath, 18 Solwold, 59 Fisher, 51F Peterson, 39c Rilat, 44w Wheatley, 11 Duperron, 7n Crockett,

                 57c Schmelzle, 91 C Goetz, 21p Price, 42 Madonia, 17 C Smith, 12a C Adams, 98r Martinez, 

                 79k Carpenter, 9a Didiuk, 57 B Ashe, 33s Sargent, 22L Linder, 22x Cook, 8r Hickle, 12 Ridge





Saturday July 29, 2017   Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #2 of the 360 Nationals

All Mains



B Main:  8r Hickle, 10L Lemley, 98r Martinez, 12 Ridge, 97r Reed, 29w James, 4b Brooke, 57 B Ashe,

                33r Rude, 33s Sargent, 5 Boswell


A Main:  18 Solwold, 33 Heath, 59 Fisher, 21p Price, 51F Peterson, 7n Crockett, 39c Rilat, 44w Wheatley,

                 11 Duperron, 22L Linder, 91 C Goetz, 10L Lemley, 9r R Goetz, 57c Schmelzle, 9a Didiuk, 22x Cook,

                 29 Harkness, 98r Martinez, 12a C Adams, 8r Hickle, 5r Reeves, 15 J Dunlap, 17 C Smith, 12 Ridge