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2012 Skagit 360 Nationals Results




360 Nationals

2012 Results


2012 260 Nationals Champion:  18 Travis Jacobson



Friday July 27, 2012 Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #1

47 Cars



Fast Time: 24c Chad Hillier 12.008


Heat #1: 56 Justin Youngquist, 23n Brock Lemley, 73 Eric Fisher, 24c Chad Hillier, 27 Drew

MacDonnell, 9a Luke Didiuk, 29w Steven James, 8x Jonathan Jorgenson, 29v Robby Vaughn

4b Cale Brooke

Heat #2: 77f Shane Stewart, 18 Travis Jacobson, 55 Trey Starks, 98m Mitch Olson, 38 Trevor Turnbull,

29 Randy Price, 24a Tyler Anderson, 8s Clayton Sibley, 57 Bud Ashe

Heat #3: 26 Sam Hafertepe, 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 12a Casey Adams, 7k Jason Solwold, 42m Devon

Madonia, 31 Colton Akerstrom, 42 Alan Munn, 8m Mike Melwicks, 13a Ashley Lewellen

Heat #4: 33h Colton Heath, 39c Travis Rilat, 17 Cam Smith, 8r Kenny Rutz, 9 Sean MacDonnell,

3 JJ Hickle, 50b Michael Bollinger, 88v Shane Valiant, 33r Bill Rude

Heat #5: 12r Cody Ridge, 16 David Miller, F1 Rick Fauver, 7d Jesse Dakus, 88w Jesse Whitney,

69p Rod Perkins, 98 Matt Jensen, 1r Rob Schroder, 68 Ben Gunderson


C Main: 69p Perkins, 8m Melwicks, 29v Vaughn, 57 Ashe, 24a Anderson, 33r Rude, 8s Sibley,

1r Schroder, 13a Lewellen, 98 Jensen, 68 Gunderson, 31 Akerstrom, 9a Didiuk, 4b Brooke,

29w James, 50b Bollinger, 88v Valiant

B Main: 98m Olson, 24c Hillier, 7k Solwold, 38 Turnbull, 88w Whitney, 7d Dakus, 9 S MacDonnell,

42m Madonia, 29 Price, 69p Perkins, 3 Hickle, 8x Jorgenson, 8m Melwicks, 57 Ashe,

27 D MacDonnell, 8r Rutz, 42 Munn, 29v Vaughn

A Main: 77f Stewart, 55 Starks, 73 Fisher, 18 T Jacobson, 98m Olson, 7k Solwold, 23n Lemley,

16 D Miller, 12a C Adams, 39c Rilat, 26 Hafertepe, 88w Whitney, 24c Hillier, F1 Fauver, 12r Ridge,

17 C Smith, 33h Heath, 79k Carpenter, 38 Turnbull, 56 Youngquist



Saturday July 28, 2012 Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #2




C Scramble: 8m Melwicks, 57 B Ashe, 24a Anderson, 1r Schroder, 98 Jensen


B Scramble: 33h Heath, 79k Carpenter, 7d Dakus, 56 Youngquist, 9 D MacDonnell, 38 Turnbull


A Scramble: 77f Stewart, 98m Olson, 18 T Jacobson, 73 Fisher, 26 Hafertepe, 7k Solwold


C Main: 8m Melwicks, 57 B Ashe, 24a Anderson, 98 Jensen, 31 Akerstrom, 1r Schroder, 9a Didiuk,

29w James, 44 K Miller, 88v Valiant, 33r Rude, 8s Sibley, 4b Brooke, 68 Gunderson, 13a Lewellen

B Main: 38 Turnbull, 7d Dakus, 79k Carpenter, 56 Youngquist, 42m Madonia, 3 Hickle, 69p Perkins

9 S MacDonnell, 27 D MacDonnell, 8m Melwicks, 29 Price, 57 B Ashe, 8r Rutz, 33h Heath,

24a Anderson, 8x Jorgenson, 98 Jensen, 31 Akerstrom

A Main: 18 T Jacobson, 77f Stewart, 26 Hafertepe, 23n Lemley, 39c Rilat, 55 Starks, 73 Fisher,

88w Whitney, 17 C Smith, 24c Hillier, 12 Ridge, 16 D Miller, 12a C Adams, 38 Turnbull, 7d Dakus,

3 Hickle, 42m Madonia, 79k Carpenter, F1 Fauver, 98m Olson, 56 Youngquist, 7k Solwold