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2001 360 Nationals Results



 Thunder in the Valley

2001 Results


2001 360 Nationals Champion:  24c Chad Hillier

(Also called Northwest 360 Sprint Special and 360 Nationals)


Friday August 10, 2001 Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #1

59 Cars



Fast Time: 3r Johnny Rodriguez 12.685


Heat 1: 19 Greg Sandquist, 3r Johnny Rodriguez, 42 Alan Munn, 59 Travis Jacobson, 17h John

Huggins, 49 Shawn Green, 7s Jerry Paull, 10 Cory Chamberlain, 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 98r Joe

Ramaker DNS

Heat 2: 4 Rick Fauver, 7n Steve Kent, 40 Mark Ellis, 56w Tom Waggoner, 69e Nick Engberg,

31 Kelly Carlson, 7k Danny Kirkpatrick, 37 Curt Van Putten, 98 Bob Stevens, 90 Vern Nations

Heat 3: 24c Chad Hillier, 69p Rod Perkins, 39 Gary Taylor, 57 Bud Ashe, 7c Cale Carder,

57c Chris Schmelzle, 3d Cal Herdson, 28c Kevin Smith, 5x Chuck Ashe, XX Jimmy Dietz DNS

Heat 4: 3k Steve Kilcup, 66 Barry Martinez, 8 Shawna Wilskey, 22 Jeff Beck, v8 Jeff Hodgson,

12c Ron Myska, 2 Scott Aumen, 29 Brandon Harkness, 3p Dan Pierson, 96 Eddie Evans DNS

Heat 5: 22 Todd Heikes, 3s Jason Solwold, 6 Jay R. Harkness, 36 Travis Hawthorne, 59j Andy

Jacobson, 49m Dawn L. Morrison, 19x Kyle Secord, 3a Brian Ash, 41 Rob Squillace, 77 Mike

Sather DNS

Heat 6: 9 Jayme Barnes, 77 Roger Crockett, 12 Tony Menard, 4j Jeff Jansma, 17w Mike

Melwicks, 99 Tyler Pinceman, 27c Jim Cress, 7a Chance Arrants, 69 Justin Knowles


D Main: 37 Van Putten, 3p Pierson, 27c Cress, 79k Carpenter, 90 Nations, 5x C Ashe


C Main: 2 Aumen, v8 Hodgson, 69e Engberg, 59j A Jacobson, 22 Beck, 3k Kilcup, 3p Pierson,

57 B Ashe, 7a Arrants, 3d Herdson, Need the Rest of the C Main….

B Main: 3s Solwold, 8 Wilskey, 77 Crockett, 2 Aumen, 6 J Harkness, 57c Schmelzle….Need rest

of B Main……

A Main: 69p Perkins, 4 Fauver, 24c Hillier, 39 G Taylor, 22 Heikes, 3s Solwold, 36 Hawthorne,

4j Jansma, 8 Wilskey, 7n Kent, 3r Rodriguez, 56w Waggoner, 17w Melwicks, 12c Myska,

17h Huggins, 10c Chamberlain, 29 B Harkness, 19x Secord



Saturday August 11, 2001 Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington

Night #2

55 Cars



Fast Time: 7n Steve Kent 12.676

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D Main: 77 Sather, 90 Nations, 41 Squillace, 79k Carpenter, 5x C Ashe, 49g Green,

98r Ramaker DNS

C Main: 3k Kilcup, 69e Engberg, 7c Calder, 49 Morrison, 19 Sandquist, 7k D Kirkpatrick,

77s Sather, 3d Herdson…Need Rest of C Main

B Main: 10c Chamberlain, 2 Aumen, 66 Martinez, 9 Barnes, 57c Schmelzle, 40 Ellis,

59 T Jacobson, 6 J Harkness, 17h Huggins, 3k Kilcup, 59j A Jacobson, 12 Menard, 19x Secord,

98s Stevens, 22 Heikes, 42 Munn, v8 Hodgson, 69e Engberg

A Main: 24c Hillier, 9 Barnes, 7n Kent, 69p Perkins, 22 Heikes, 39 G Taylor, 3r Rodriguez,

3s Solwold, 36 Hawthorne, 4 Fauver, 17w Melwicks, 10c Chamberlain, 29 B Harkness,

4j Jansma, 12c Myska, 8 Wilskey, 77 Crockett, 66 Martinez, 56w Waggoner, 2 Aumen