January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

2017 Marvin Smith Memorial




2017 Marvin Smith 

Memorial Race

4th Annual





2017 Marvin Smith Memorial Champion:  7n Roger Crockett




Saturday May 27, 2017    Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Night #1 of the Marvin Smith Memorial

40 Cars



Fast Time:  91 Chase Goetz  11.205


Heat #1:  18 Jason Solwold, 63f Shane Forte, 7n Roger Crockett, 9r Reece Goetz, 13 Chadd Noland, 

                  33a Lucas Ashe, 91 Chase Goetz, 33s Lance Sargent, 70 Raquel Ivie, 38 Eric Bowers

Heat #2:  2L Logan Forler, 12o Orion Redmond, 17 Cam Smith, 1b Chelsea Blevins, 12p JJ Hickle,

                  5d Patrick Dills, 6e Emily Williams, 5 Brian Boswell, 22 Garen Linder, 57 Dusty Redmond

Heat #3:  33v Henry Van Dam, 96 Gregory Hamilton, 31c Justyn Cox, 22x Colin Baker, 1k Kinser Cox,

                  10k Don Waddell, 9a Luke Didiuk, 57c Chris Schmelzle, 8x John Stuart, 33t Nate Morelock

Heat #4:  6a Kyle Miller, 12t Jared Ridge, 0J Jay Cole, 21w Jake Wheeler, 2jr Kelly Miller, 7 Tyler

                   Thompson, 4D Cooper Desbiens, 97r Jason Reed, 5n Seth Nunes


B Main #1:  22 Linder, 91 C Goetz, 12p Hickle, 57c Schmelzle, 7 T Thompson, 9a Didiuk, 70 Ivie, 

                      33t Nate Morelock, 1k K Cox, 6e Williams, 38 Bowers, 8x Stuart


B Main #2:  33s Sargent, 5d Dills, 4D Desbiens, 97r Reed, 5n Nunes, 57 Redmond, 10k Waddell, 

                       5 Boswell, 13 Noland, 33a Ashe, 2jr K Miller


Dash:  18 Solwold, 2L Forler, 17 C Smith, 31c J Cox, 22x Baker, 7n Crockett


A Main:  31c J Cox, 2L Forler, 7n Crockett, 18 Solwold, 9r R Goetz, 22 Linder, 22x C Baker, 12t Ridge,

                 33v Van Dam, 21w Wheeler, 5d Dills, 12o O Redmond, 6a K Miller, 17 C Smith, 63f Forte,

                 1b Blevins, 96 Hamilton, 33s Sargent, 0J Cole, 91 C Goetz





Sunday May 28, 2017    Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Night #2 of the Marvin Smith Memorial

37 Cars



Fast Time:  33v Henry Van Dam  11.173


Heat #1:  0J Jay Cole, 33v Henry Van Dam, 6a Kyle Miller, 21w Jake Wheeler, 5d Patrick Dills,

                  17 Cam Smith, 5 Brian Boswell, 1k Kinser Cox, 8x John Stuart

Heat #2:  87 Kyler Barraza, 96 Greg Hamilton, 57c Chris Schmelzle, 5n Seth Nunes, 10J Jake Waddell,

                  1b Chelsea Blevins, 97r Jason Reed, 4D Cooper Desbiens

Heat #3:  33t Nate Morelock, 22x Colin Baker, 33a Lucas Ashe, 13 Chadd Noland, 91 Chase Goetz, 

                   33s Lance Sargent, 9r Reece Goetz, 38 Eric Bowers

Heat #4:  12t Jared Ridge, 12p JJ Hickle, 22L Garen Linder, 21p Robbie Price, 12o Orion Redmond,

                   7 Tyler Thompson, 63f Shane Forte, 9a Luke Didiuk


B Main #1:  5d Dills, 1B Blevins, 7 T Thompson, 1k K Cox, 17 C Smith, 33s Sargent, 63f Forte, 97r Reed


B Main #2:  91 C Goetz, 9r R Goetz, 12o O Redmond, 9a Didiuk, 5 Boswell, 38 Bowers, 10J J Waddell


Dash:  57c Schmelzle, 7n R Crockett, 31c J Cox, 18 J Solwold, 21p Price, 2L Forler, 33v Van Dam, 

             96 Hamilton


A Main:  7n Crockett, 18 Solwold, 31c J Cox, 6a K Miller, 21p Price, 2L Forler, 57c Schmelzle, 22L Linder,

                 9r R Goetz, 22x C Baker, 91 C Goetz, 5n Nunes, 87 Barraza, 5d Dills, 33s Ashe, 1b Blevins,

                 33v Van Dam, 12p Hickle, 13 Noland, 21w Wheeler, 12t Ridge, 0J Cole, 96 Hamilton, 33t Morelock