Cottage Grove 360 Classic




Cottage Grove Classic/

Marvin Smith Memorial Grove Classic



In 2014 the Cottage Grove Classic was changed to the

Marvin Smith Memorial Grove 360 Classic


(See Marvin Smith Memorial for all the results)





Saturday June 29, 2002  Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2002 Champion: 75 Dale Smith

23 Cars



Fast Time:  75 Dale Smith


Heat #1:  75 Dale Smith, 4 Matt Rodgers, 63 Vern Scevers, 34 Melissa Yates, 8 Mike Crawford

  00c Kevin Griffitts, 22 Mike Griffith, 75h Danny Horner

Heat #2:  36 Scott Adams, 75m Dan Menne, 15r Travis Tomlinson, 4J Kevin Journey, 2k Kevin

   Etchison, 23 Tim Galloway, Y14 Robin Wood

Heat #3:  0 Gus Cooper, 41 Marvin Smith, 1 Tony Thomas, 26s Willie Sutton, 17I Kelly McDonald,

   9h Mark Hinkle, 7t Jeff Thompson, 3s Jimmy Sears DNS


Dash:  2k Etchison, 41 M Smith, 75 D Smith, 8 M Crawford, 1 Thomas, 75m Menne


B Main:  7t Thompson, 00c Griffitts, 23 Galloway, 22 Griffith, Y14 Wood, 9h Hinkle, 75h Horner DNS,

 3s Sears DNS


A Main:  75 D Smith, 75m Menne, 63 Scevers, 4 M Rodgers, 0 G Cooper, 7t Thompson, 2k Etchison,

 34 Yates, 4J Journey, 1 Thomas, 41 M Smith, 26s Sutton, 15r T Tomlinson, 00c Griffitts,

 36 S Adams, 23 Galloway, 8 Crawford, 17I McDonald




Friday August 29, 2003   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

20 Cars


Fast Time:  2z Todd Zeitler


Heat #1:  110 Randy Rodgers, 15r Travis Tomlinson, 4z Dallas Zuniga, 2z Todd Zeitler, 2k Kevin

Etchison, 34 Melissa Yates, 33 Nate Morelock

Heat #2:  19 Bryan Harvey, 41 Marvin Smith, 11a Anthony Nunes, 4J Kevin Journey, 75 Dale Smith,

75m Dan Menne, 63 Vern Scevers

Heat #3:  44h Michael Harris, 88 Bryce Fugate, 36 Scott Adams, 22L Garen Linder, 9t TJ Winningham,

26s Willie Sutton


Dash:  75m Menne, 9t Winningham, 36 S Adams, 2z Zeitler, 34 Yates, 75 D Smith


A Main:  75 D Smith, 4z Zuniga, 41 M Smith, 110 R Rodgers, 2z Zeitler, 36 S Adams, 75m Menne,

11a Nunes, 2k Etchison, 34 Yates, 22L Linder, 26s Sutton, 4J Journey, 63 Scevers, 44h Harris,

19 Harvey, 9t Winningham, 88 Fugate, 15r T Tomlinson, 33 Morelock




Saturday August 30, 2003   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2003 Champion:  75 Dale Smith

22 Cars


Fast Time:  9t TJ Winningham


Heat #1:  36 Scott Adams, 9t TJ Winningham, 2z Todd Zeitler, 22L Garen Linder, 26s Willie Sutton,

  20 Judah Lemon

Heat #2:  75m Dan Menne, 88 Bryce Fugate, 44h Michael Harris, 4J Kevin Journey, 63 Vern Scevers,

   2k Kevin Etchison

Heat #3:  15r Travis Tomlinson, 34 Melissa Yates, 11a Anthony Nunes, 33 Nate Morelock, 21 Mike Griffith

Heat #4:  11a Anthony Nunes, 34 Melissa Yates, 15r Travis Tomlinson, 21 Mike Griffith, 33 Nate Morelock


Dash #1:  41 M Smith, 75 D Smith, 110 R Rodgers, 4z Zuniga

Dash #2:  88 Fugate, 15r T Tomlinson, 9t Winningham, 34 Yates, 36 S Adams, 75m Menne


A Main:  75 D Smith, 41 M Smith, 9t Winningham, 15r Tomlinson, 2z Zeitler, 34 Yates, 110 R Rodgers,

 36 Adams, 44h Harris, 22L Linder, 75m Menne, 2k Etchison, 21 Griffith, 88 Fugate, 63 Scevers,

 4J Journey, 4z Zuniga, 20 Lemon, 26s Sutton, 11a Nunes, 33 Morelock




Friday April 23, 2004   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2004 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

18 Cars


Fast Time:  77f Shawna Wilskey  10.708


Heat #1:  11a Anthony Nunes, 11 Roger Crockett, 77f Shawna Wilskey, 2k Kevin Etchison, 32s Shawn

  Smith, 1 Kelly McDonald

Heat #2:  75 Dale Smith, 9t TJ Winningham, 34 Melissa Yates, 4z Dallas Zuniga, 33 Nate Morelock,

   1b Bob Brooke

Heat #3:  41 Marvin Smith, 17 Jay Barnes, 3n Billy Nutter, 83 Stephan Allard, 22L Garen Linder,

   4c Charlie Cash


Dash:  3n Nutter, 75 D Smith, 4z Zuniga, 11 Crockett, 77f Wilskey, 83 S Allard


A Main:  3n Nutter, 32 S Smith, 41 M Smith, 11 Crockett, 17 Barnes, 22L Linder, 34 Yates, 33 Morelock,

 9t Winningham, 4z Zuniga, 11a Nunes, 2k Etchison, 1 McDonald, 75 D Smith, 4c Cash, 1b Brooke,

 83 S Allard, 77f Wilskey DSQ….




Saturday April 24, 2004 Missing all of the race….


Friday April 22, 2005   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2005 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

26 Cars


Fast Time:  75 Dale Smith  11.933


Heat #1:  4z Dallas Zuniga, 34 Melissa Yates, 3n Billy Nutter, 12p Randy Pierce, 75 Dale Smith,

  32 Shawn Smith, 9t TJ Winningham, 8 David Gilmore

Heat #2:  41 Marvin Smith, 11 Roger Crockett, 75h Danny Horner, 98 Joe Ramaker, 36 Scott Adams,

   69e Nick Enberg, 24 Braden Etchison, 110 Randy Rodgers, 1a Dan Menne

Heat #3:  75m Matt Menne, 33t Jimmy Trulli, 17 Rick Fauver, 11a Anthony Nunes, 65 Brendan Boyce,

   22L Garen Linder, 88 Bryce Fugate, 11 Jared Ridge, 5 Ron Smith


Dash:  75h Horner, 17 Fauver, 11 Crockett, 3n Nutter, 34 Yates, 75 D Smith


B Main:  32 S Smith, 24 Etchison, 8 Gilmore, 88 Fugate, 22L Linder, 5 R Smith, 9t Winningham,

 12 Ridge, 110 R Rodgers, 69e Engberg, 1a D Menne


A Main:  11 Crockett, 17 Fauver, 75h Horner, 75m M Menne, 34 Yates, 32 S Smith, 65 Boyce, 8 Gilmore,

 9t Winningham, 75 D Smith, 33t Trulli, 4z Zuniga, 98 Ramaker, 12p Pierce, 88 Fugate,

 11a A Nunes, 41 M Smith, 22L Linder, 36 Adams, 3n Nutter




Saturday April 23, 2005   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Rained Out


Friday April 21, 2006    Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

20 Cars


Fast Time:  7 Randy VanAagten  12.300


Heat #1:  9t TJ Winningham, 24 Braden Etchison, 41 Marvin Smith, 65 Brendan Boyce, 34 Melissa Yates,

4z Dallas Zuniga, 35 Adam Main, 7g Chad Groves, T Hall DNS, 3n Billy Nutter DNS

Heat #2:  77f Roger Crockett, 75h Danny Horner, 75 Dale Smith, 5c Herman Klein, 9t TJ Winningham,

32 Shawn Smith, 8w Vern Wheeler, 7 Randy VanAagten, 14 Robert McNulty, 26f Shane Forte


Dash:  7 Van Aagten, 75 D Smith, 75h Horner, 77f Crockett


A Main:  77f Crockett, 75h Horner, 5c Klein, 32 S Smith, 65 Boyce, 41 M Smith, 9t Winningham,

7 Van Aagten, 24 Etchison, 34 Yates, 26f Forte, 35 Main, 14 McNulty, 7g C Groves, 4z Zuniga,

75 D Smith, 8w Wheeler, 4 T Hall DNS, 3n Nutter DNS




Saturday April 22, 2006  Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2006 Champion:  77f Roger Crockett

24 Cars


(77f Crockett, 75h Horner, 5c Klein and 32 S Smith earned dash position after finishing as the top four

in Friday’s Preliminary feature. Winningham and Etchison for being the 2 fast qualifiers from Saturday

earn the last two positions in the dash.)


Fast Time:  9t TJ Winningham 11.225


B Heat:  35a Adam Main, 14 Robert McNulty, 34 Melissa Yates, 4c Charlie Cash, 36 Scott Adams,

7g Chad Groves, 4 T Hall, 15 Brad Groves, 99e Alex Hantel, (35a Main transfers to the A

Heat. Non Transfers go to B Main.)

A Heat:  3n Billy Nutter. 1a Dan Menne, 75 Dale Smith, 4z Dallas Zuniga, 41 Marvin Smith, 7 Randy

Van Aagten, 26f Shane Forte, 2z Todd Zeitler, 35a Adam main, 65 Brendan Boyce


Dash:  9t Winningham, 5c Klein, 75h Horner, 77f Crockett, 32 S Smith, 24 Etchison


B Main:  36 S Adams, 34 Yates, 4c Cash, 7g C Groves, 4 T hall, 15 B Groves, 99e Hantel, 14 McNulty


A Main:  77f Crockett, 5c Klein, 1a D Menne, 2z Zeitler, 3n Nutter, 65 Boyce, 32 S Smith, 36 S Adams,

75h Horner, 7 Randy Van Aagten, 35a Main, 26f Forte, 7g C Groves, 41 M Smith, 4c Cash,

9t Winningham, 34 Yates, 4z Zuniga, 24 Etchison, 75 D Smith




2007 Cottage Grove Classic was Cancelled due to rain…..



Friday April 25, 2008  Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Rained Out


Saturday April 26, 2008  Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2008 Champion:  7n Roger Crockett

17 Cars


Fast Time:  7n Roger Crockett  10.834


Heat #1:  10 Kyle Miller, 65 Brendan Boyce, 25c Chad Groves, 07x Ted Elfving, 3 Dave Hibbard,

21 Mike Griffith, 87 Kyler Barraza, 45 Jeffrey Rivers

Heat #2:  7n Roger Crockett, 12 Casey Adams, 26f Shane Forte, 13 Chadd Noland, 10 Kyle Miller,

2z Todd Zeitler, 41 Marvin Smith, 22L Garen Linder, 7 Ricky Ashley


Dash:  26f Forte, 13 Noland, 7n Crockett, 12 C Adams, 65 Boyce, 2z Zeitler, 4d Pat Desbians, 45 Rivers


A Main:  7n Crockett, 2z Zeitler, 13 Noland, 25c C Groves, 22L Linder, 10 K Miller, 65 Boyce, 41 M Smith,

07x Elfving, 45 Rivers, 26f Forte, 12 C Adams, 3 Hibbard, 87 Barraza, 21 Griffith




Friday April 24, 2009   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

17 cars


Fast Time:  11 Roger Crockett  10.457


Heat #1:  11 Roger Crockett, 7k Shane Stewart, 5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 41 Dale Smith, 25c Chad Groves,

  44w Austen Wheatley, 45 Jeffrey River, 30 Gary Davis, 21 Mike Griffith

Heat #2:  22L Garen Linder, 12 Jared Ridge, 2L Logan Forler, 7n Chadd Noland, 12p Randy Pierce,

   29 Robby Vaughn, 87 Kyler Barraza, 98m Mitch Olson


A Main:  11 Crockett, 41 D Smith, 7k Stewart, 2L Forler, 7n Noland, 87 Barraza, 12 Ridge, 22L Linder,

 12p Pierce, 25c C Groves, 98m Olson, 5k B Kirkpatrick, 44w Wheatley, 30 Davis, 45 Rivers,

 29 R Vaughn, 21 Griffith




Saturday April 25, 2009   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2009 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

22 Cars


Fast Time:  5k Brian Kirkpatrick  10.518


Heat #1:  22L Garen Linder, 25c Chad Groves, 7k Shane Stewart, 7n Chadd Noland, 41 Dale Smith,

   5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 45 Jeff Rivers, 69 Joe Bosso

Heat #2:  11 Roger Crockett, 23 Colin Baker, 33 Nate Morelock, 44w Austen Wheatley, 12 Jared Ridge,

   55 Brian Gomes, 10j Jake Waddell

Heat #3:  98m Mitch Olson, 87 Kyler Barraza, 29 Robby Vaughn, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 12p Randy Pierce,

   24z Zack Spaulding, 21 Mike Griffith


A Main:  11 Crockett, 7n Noland, 98m Olson, 41 D Smith, 33 Morelock, 7k Stewart, 12 Ridge, 87 Barraza,

  25c C Groves, 6m Del Rosa, 22L Linder, 55 Gomes, 5k B Kirkpatrick, 23 C Baker, 44w Wheatley,

  12p Pierce, 45 Rivers, 10j Waddell, 24z Spaulding, 69 Bosso Jr., 29 Vaughn, 21 Griffith




Friday April 23, 2010   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

27 Cars


Fast Time:  98m Mitch Olson  11.327


Heat #1:  98m Mitch Olson, 2L Logan Forler, 6 Shawn Smith, 2m Mike Melwicks, 13 Chadd Noland,

   21 Mike Griffith, 75 Heath Shelton

Heat #2:  11 Roger Crockett, 22L Garen Linder, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 5d Josh Dewitt, 26f Shane Forte,

   12p Randy Pierce, 4 Jesse Thistle

Heat #3:  57c Chris Schmelzle, 23 Colin Baker, 10 Kyle Miller, 7n Jayme Barnes, 55 Trey Starks,

   24z Zack Spaulding, 21x Nathan Ellertson

Heat #4:  6n Billy Nutter, 25c Chad Groves, 29 Willie Croft, 10j Jake Waddell, 30 Gary Davis, 5n Seth Nunes


Dash:  11 Crockett, 98m Olson, 29 Croft, 10 K Miller, 6n Nutter, 57c Schmelzle


B Main:  10j Waddell, 5d Dewitt, 26f Forte, 12p Pierce, 4 Thistle, 30 Davis, 5n Nunes


A Main:  11 Crockett, 98m Olson, 29 Croft, 7n Barnes, 13 Noland, 2m Melwicks, 22L Linder, 23 Baker,

 2L Forler, 6 S Smith, 12p Pierce, 10j Waddell, 5d Dewitt, 26f Forte, 6m Del Rosa, 25c C Groves,

 55 Starks, 24z Spaulding, 57c Schmelzle, 10 K Miller




Saturday April 24, 2010   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2010 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

26 Cars


Fast Time:  11 Roger Crockett  11.464


Heat #1:  11 Roger Crockett, 29 Willie Croft, 13 Chadd Noland, 6 Shawn Smith, 30 Gary Davis,

  5n Seth Nunes, 2L Logan Forler, 12p Randy Pierce, 21 Nathan Ellertson

Heat #2:  23b Colin Baker, 98m Mitch Olson, 10 Kyle Miller, 55 Trey Starks, 5d Josh Dewitt,

   24z Zack Spaulding, 26f Shane Forte, 75 Heath Shelton, 77 Brian Lemon

Heat #3:  10j Jake Waddell, 2m Mike Melwicks, 25c Chad Groves, 7n Jayme Barnes, 57c Chris

   Schmelzle, 22L Garen Linder, 6m Philip Del Rosa, 4 Jesse Thistle


Dash:  98m Olson, 11 Crockett, 23b Baker, 13 Noland, 7n Barnes, 10j Waddell


B Main:  2L Forler, 22L Linder, 5n Nunes, 24z Spaulding, 12p Pierce, 6m Del Rosa, 26f Forte,

 75 Shelton, 21 Ellertson, 4 Thistle, 77 Lemon


A Main:  11 Crockett, 13 Noland, 6 S Smith, 22L Linder, 2m Melwicks, 5d Dewitt, 23b Baker, 25c C Groves,

 2L Forler, 10j Waddell, 29 Croft, 55 Starks, 57c Schmelzle, 12p Pierce, 98m Olson, 24z Spaulding,

 5n Nunes, 10 Miller, 30 Davis, 7n Barnes




Friday May 13, 2011   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

25 Cars


Fast Time:  5h Mason Moore 11.282


Heat #1:  9r Reece Goetz, 23 Seth Bergman, 10 Kyle Miller, 38 Rick Fauver, 23b Colin Baker.

  7n Jayme Barnes, 8rc Jason C0cking, 3 Dave Hibbard, 68 Rob Held

Heat #2:  5d Josh Dewitt, 33v Henry Van Dam, 98m Mitch Olson, 77f Stephen Allard, 25c Chad

  Groves, 22L Garen Linder, 15 Brad Groves, 13 Chadd Noland

Heat #3:  11c Roger Crockett, 39c Jason Solwold, 33 Nate Moreland, 41 Dale Smith, 5h Mason Moore,

   10j Jake Waddell, 88x Brent Hoover, 55 Trey Starks


Last Chance Qualifier:  55 Starks, 7n Barnes, 68 Held, 15 B Groves, 24z Spaulding, 77f S Allard


B Main:  5h Moore, 22l Linder, 10j Waddell, 13 Noland, 55 Starks, 25c C Groves, 68 Held, 88 Hoover,

 7n Barnes, 3 Hibbard


A Main:  11 Crockett, 39c Solwold, 23 Bergman, 5d Dewitt, 25c C Groves, 5h Moore, 38 Fauver, 13 Noland,

 9r Goetz, 23b Baker, 33v Van Dam, 41 D Smith, 10j Waddell, 33 Morelock, 8rc ****ing, 77 S Allard,

 10 K Miller, 22L Linder, 98m Olson, 55 Starks




Saturday May 14, 2011   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2011 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

24 Cars


Fast Time:  55 Trey Starks  10.742


Heat #1:  38 Rick Fauver, 10 Kyle Miller, 11 Roger Crockett, 23b Colin Baker, 39c Jason Solwold,

98m Mitch Olson, 41 Dale Smith, 9r Reece Goetz, 8rc Jason ****ing

Heat #2:  5d Josh Dewitt, 13 Chadd Noland, 33 Nate Morelock, 23 Seth Bergman, 55 Trey Starks,

88 Brent Hoover, 33v Henry Van Dam, 65 Brendab Boyce

Heat #3:  22L Garen Linder, 5h Mason Moore, 77f Stephan Allard, 10j Jake Waddell, 25c Chad Groves,

15 Brad Groves, 26f Shane Forte, 68 Rob Held


Last Chance Qualifier:  9r Goetz, 26f Forte, 15 B Groves, 88x Hoover, 8rc Cocking, 41 D Smith


B Main:  33v Van Dam, 65 Boyce, 55 Starks, 68 Held, 9r Goetz, 26f Forte, 15 B Groves, 8rc Cocking,

88 Hoover, 41 D Smith


A Main:  11 Crockett, 33v Van Dam, 23 Bergman, 13 Noland, 33 Morelock, 5h Moore, 98m Olson,

39c Solwold, 25c C Groves, 10 K Miller, 23b Baker, 22L Linder, 68 Held, 10j Waddell,

5d Dewitt, 55 Starks, 38 Fauver, 77f S Allard, 9r Goetz, 65 Boyce




The 2012 Cottage Grove Classic was not held…………….



Friday April 26, 2013   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

22 Cars

(Roger Crockett won his heat race but did not go to the scales so was disqualified and had to start 18th in the A Main and put on one of the best shows you will ever see taking over the lead with just three laps to go. It was simply a thing of Beauty and Olson had to start dead last and also passed 17 cars to finish 5th.)


Fast Time:  27 Mitch Olson


Heat #1:  27 mitch Olson, 3 JJ Hickle, 10j Jake Waddell, 71 Kyle Miller, 17 Cameron Smith, 5n Seth Nunes,

  6a Kady Adelman, 70 Raquel Ivie

Heat #2:  11 Roger Crockett, 5h Justyn Cox, 9r Reece Goetz, 22l Garen Linder, 21w Vern Wheeler,

   4J Allison Journey, 5 Brian Boswell

Heat #3:  33v Henry Van Dam, 65 Brendan Boyce, 7n Jared Ridge, 22r Mike Romig, 21t Zack Spaulding,

   4 Jesse Thistle, 29 Dan Philpott


Dash:  27 Olson, 5h Cox, 71 K Miller, 22L Linder, 3 Hickle, 9r Goetz, 33v Van Dam, 65 Boyce


A Main:  11 Crockett, 5h Cox, 65 Boyce, 22L Linder, 27 Olson, 3 Hickle, 7n Ridge, 9r Goetz, 17 C Smith,

 21w Wheeler, 5n Nunes, 21t Spaulding, 22r Roming, 70 Ivie, 4 Thistle, 33v Van Dam, 29 Philpott,

 4J Journey, 6a Adelman, 5 Boswell, 10j Waddell, 71 K Miller




Saturday April 27, 2013   Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon

2013 Champion:  11 Roger Crockett

24 Cars


Fast Time:  27 Mitch Olson


Heat #1:  27 Mitch Olson, 17 Cam Smith, 22L Garen Linder, 5h Justyn Cox, 21t Zack Spaulding,

  70 Raquel Ivie

Heat #2:  21w Vern Wheeler, 88 Brock Lemley, 3 JJ Hickle, 4 Jesse Thistle, 6a Kady Adelman,

   71 Kyle Miller

Heat #3:  11 Roger Crockett, 5 Brian Boswell, 9r Reece Goetz, 65 Brendan Boyce, 22r Mike Romig,

   10j Jake Waddell

Heat #4:  33v Henry Van Dam, 68 Rob Held, 5n Seth Nunes, 7n Jared Ridge, 29 Dan Philpott,

   4J Allison Journey


Dash:  11 Crockett, 27 Olson, 9r Goetz, 88 Lemley, 3 Hickle, 33v Van Dam, 68 Held, 21w Wheeler


A Main:  11 Crockett, 5h Cox, 88 Lemley, 68 Held, 33v Van Dam, 3 Hickle, 27 Olson, 17 C Smith,

 9r Goetz, 22L Linder, 21w Wheeler, 5n nunes, 65 Boyce, 7n Ridge, 71 K Miller, 4 Thistle,

 21t Spaulding, 22r Roming, 70 Ivie, 6a Adelman, 4J Journey, 5 Boswell, 29 Philpott, 10j Waddell