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Adelman, Kady


Cottage Grove Speedway

Kady ran in the Limited Sprints at Cottage Grove and in 2011 she was 5th in points and in 2012 she moved up to 3rd. In 2013 she finished 2nd to another lady Raquel Ivie for the Limited Track Championship. In 2014 Kady would finish 6th in 360 Sprint series points. She finished 9th in 360 Sprint Car points at Cottage Grove.


In 2014 the last year of ASCS Northwest series Kady finished 10th in points.....


Kady would drive in the NWWT from 2013-2015 where she would have a lot of good runs....in 2013 she finished 10th in points and in 2015 would move all the way up to 5th in points with many good runs. In 2015 she would stay in the top ten in points with a 10th place finish.

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Kady has run in a Limited Sprint division at Cottage Grove from 2011 until 2015….in 2013 she started running both winged and non-wing 360 sprints. In 2016 she became more of a car owner letting Kyle Miller run her car on many occasions.

In 2011 her first year racing in the Sportsman Sprint Division at Cottage Grove she had a 5th place for her best finish of the year. She had 9 top 10’s and on two occasions she had a top 5 finish. 

In 2012 at Sunset Speedway Kady had here best finish in an A main with a 10th place finish in the NWWT. On August 11th at Cottage Grove Kady would get her best finish to date with a 3rd in the Sportsman Sprints. What is even more impressive is that Kady is a senior in High School in 2013 and she has funded the bulk of the sprint car she drives by working and taking her money and putting it into her race car. She also started running both a 360 Winged and non-wing car. She would end the year with 15 top 10’s and 5 top 5’s.

On May 4, 2013 Kady had a full night running both the 25 A Main in the Northwest Extreme Sprints with a 5th place finish and then came out and ran the 30 Laps of the NWWT series with a 13th finish. Between the mains and the Heat races Kady put in almost 80 laps, that’s how you get better is with laps and she did that. On May 25th Kady scored a big victory in the Northwest Extreme Sprints at Cottage Grove Speedway. On June 15th at Cottage Grove Kady set fast time in the Limited Sprints and finished 2nd in the Feature. On June 29th Kady picked up her 2nd Limited Sprint win of the year winning at Cottage Grove Speedway. On July 19th Kady driving her limited motor competed with the NWWT and she ended up finishing 4th in the Main. On August 10th at Cottage Grove Speedway Kady would do the double running both the 360 Sprint and Sportsman Sprint A main, finishing 6th in the 360 and winning the Sportsman Sprint race for her 3rd win of the year. On August 31st racing with the NWWT she another solid finish with a 3rd for her highest finish in the NWWT series. Kady would finish 2nd in points just 37 behind Raquel Ivie in the Sportsman Sprints at Cottage Grove Speedway. She was one of only 3 drivers to make all 9 features. She finished the year with her first win of her career and would add two more. She had 17 top 10’s and 12 top 5’s. Back on May 11th at Grays Harbor Kady would get both a 2nd in the Sportsman Sprints and in the 360 Sprint car race. 

2014 would see her go full-time on the ASCS Northwest tour and it was a learning curve as she didn’t make many Main’s. She had 6 top 10’s. In 2015 she would do the same and again with mixed results. Her best finish was a 7th and would have 5 top 5’s.

In 2016 she would be a car owner with Kyle Miller driver for her……



Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Car #: 6a

Car Owner: 6a Kady Adelman