Hometown:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Adams Racing



4-time Castrol Raceway 360 Sprint Track Champion

2017 NSA Series Champion

Race Stats: 

Win List: Over 25 wins at Castrol Raceway

Full Bio

Is the brother of Cody Adams, they both raced together in 2007 at Speedweek in Skagit. Casey has ran a few more races in both NSCS and ASCS NW than his brother over the years. He races mostly at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. He races both in the 360 Sprint Division and Sportsman Sprints. Also races alot in Montana over the years. 

Started racing in the early 2000's and has tried but come so close to winning the biggest race in western Canada called the Gold Cup.

In 2005 would see him race a full schedule at Castrol Raceway in the 360 Sprint Division and he would end up 9th in points. In the Gold Cup he would not make the A Main on opening night, but would come back to make the A Main and finish 18th on Night #2.

The 2006 season would see him get up to 7th in 360 Sprint points at Castrol. He would race in the Gold Cup but would not make the Main on either night.

2007 would be the year that Casey would start to make strides moving all the way up to 3rd in points for the 360 Sprint division. He would make the long trek with his brother from Alberta, Canada all the way to Skagit Speedway in Washington for the 360 Summer Nationals. On Opening Night he would win his heat race and finish 3rd in the A Main out of 69 cars that signed in that night. On the second night he would make the A but finish last. He had his best Gold Cup to date finishing 5th both nights.

In 2008 he would end the year with 7 top 5's and get his first feature win. Started the season off at Castrol with a 3rd on May 10th and then running with the Alberta Sprint Tour he would get a 6th on May 31st. Came back on June 7th and would again finish 5th for another top five finish. Would venture to Electric City Speedway on June 27th where he would finish 3rd. At the end of August again would go to Montana where on August 29th he would finish 2nd at Gallatin Speedway and followed that up the next night with a 3rd at Electric City Speedway. He would come back to Castrol Raceway and get a 2nd on September 6th and would get his first feature win on September 13th at Castrol. He would his season 4th in Track points in the 360 division and he would finish 20th in the A Main at the Gold Cup.

2009 he would struggle at times just missing the top five at Castrol Speedway, he would get a 6th on September 12th. He would end up 4th in track points. Would go to Montana and run at Electric City Speedway on September 4th and 5th where he would get two top 5s with 4rth and 5th respectively. 

In 2010 he would finish 2nd in points at Castrol Raceway he would finish 2nd on two different occasions July 20th and September 18th. He would also make the WoO A Main on Night #2 with a 16th place finish. On August 20th and 21st he would win both nights and the Extreme Sprints championship for the first time. He would win the B Main on the final two nights at Yakima in ASCS Northwest action where he finished 15th in the feature both nights. At the Gold Cup he would make the A Main both nights finishing 8th and 5th respectively. 

In 2011 Casey raced at his home track Castrol Raceway for the whole season in the 360 Sprint Division. On May 28th he would get a 2nd place in the Main. The following week on June 4th he would again get a 2nd in the main. Finally on the 11th of June Casey would get his first win of the year. In August on the 13th he would get his second win of the year. Then to end the season on September 10th and the 17th he would get back-to-back wins on his way to his first 360 track championship. On August 26th and 27th he would run with the WoO at Castrol and make the A Main both nights with an 18th and 19th respectively. At the Gold Cup he would have his best finish to date with a 4th place finish to the eventual winner Jason Solwold.

In 2012 he would be back to defend his Championship in  360 sprints at Castrol Raceway. He would head to a two day show with the Big Sky Sprint Series where he was 4th on Friday May 18th and on Saturday May 19th he would end up with a 6th in the A main. Then he would start a three race run from May 26th to July 20th with a 2nd and two wins in three races at Castrol Raceway. On July 27th and 28th at Skagit Speedway for the 360 Sprint Nationals Casey would make the the A Main both nights with a 9th on Friday Night and a 13th on Saturday night. Would run with the World of Outlaws again at their annual Castrol Raceway on August 24th and 25th and made the A Main both nights again with a 15th place on both nights. Would pick up 3rd win of the year at Castrol Raceway on September 8th and also finished 3rd in the Sportsman Sprints on the same night. He would pick up his 2nd 360 Sprint Track Championship. At the Gold Cup he would pick up the win on opening night of the two-day show and get a 5th on championship night. 

In 2013 running mostly in the Sportsman Sprints at Castrol Raceway Casey would pick up 3 wins on July 6th, August 9th and 17th and not finish any worse than 3rd in any Sportsman Sprint race. He would again race with the World of Outlaws with their annual visit to Castrol where Casey would make the A Main both nights and get a 23rd and 20th finish. He would end the year with 8 top 5's. He would get the closet to winning the famed Gold Cup finishing 2nd to Travis Rilat for the championship.

During the 2014 season would see Casey win 6 times at Castrol Raceway in Alberta, Canada.  Casey won twice in the 360 Sprint Division and also 4 times in the Sportsman Sprints. He also raced 3 times with the ASCS Frontier series and had two top tens with a 5th place finish in the A Main on August 31, 2014. On September 13th to end the year at Castrol he would win both the 360 and Sportsman Sprint A Mains. Ended the year with 11 top 5's. He would pick up his 3rd 360 Track Championship. There was only one night of the Gold Cup and he would get a 9th in the Main.

In 2015 he would race mostly Sportsman Sprints as Castrol only had a few 360 Sprint Car races. He would pick up four Sportsman Sprint wins on June 6th, June 13th, August 21st and 22nd where he won his 2nd Extreme Sprint Championship. On June 13th he would also get the 360 Sprint car win that night. Had 10 top 5's and ended the year with two top ten's at Electric City Speedway in Montana. He would make both WoO A Mains at Castrol in August where he finished 17th both nights. At the Gold Cup Casey would get a 2nd on Opening night to Rilat and then 8th on Night #2. 

In 2016 he would get his 4th 360 Sprint Track Championship and pick up a Sportsman Sprint win on September 10th. On August 19th and 20th he would travel to Electric City Speedway in Montana where he would get a 4th and 3rd respectively. He ended the year with 8 top 5's.

2017 Casey would get two wiins in NSA Series Action and that would propel him to the championship in the NSA. he would end the year with 7 Top Five's and 9 Top Ten's and those two wins....

2018 He would just run at Castrol Raceway and the other NSA Series events in Montana....he would pick up a win at Castrol Raceway....

2019 He raced mostly at Castrol Speedway .....


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