Hometown: Chico, California

Car #:

0, 35, 88, 8b, 1,64, 3c, 10

Car Owner:

Williams Motorsports, Harold Main Racing, Doyle Racing and Fauver Racing, Clyde Lamar


Championship: 3-Time Golden State Challenge Series Champion, 4-Time Dort Cup Champion, 5-Time Dave Bradway Memorial Champion, 2008 Pacific Fall Nationals Champion, 2014 Gold Cup Race of Champions 

Race Stats: He also won the Bill Brownell Memorial, 2 Howard Kaeding Classics, Brian & Chris Faria Memorial, 2 Gary Patterson Classics and 2010 Trophy Cup..

Win List: over 100 wins with 65 wins at Silver Dollar Speedway 2nd All-Time, 40 Golden State Challenge Series wins 3rd All-Time..he also Has 7 Civil War Series wins and 7 Wins at the Dirt Cup

Full Bio

Brother of Stephen Allard.

Jonathan picked up his first 360 win of hois career subbing for his Brother Stephen in 1996 in a Civil War race in the #35 car of Harold Main. He would contimnue his winning ways and moving on up to 410 Sprint cars racing with the Golden State Challenge Series and on Friday Nights at Chico through most of his career....He would get the bulk of his wins in the Maury Williams Motorsports #0 car....he also would drive for the legendary 3c of Clyde Lamar for a few years....He was a standout at Dirt Cup he loved that race and if he came he was going to find a way to get to the winners circle which he did 4 different times....He is also the 3 time Golden State Challenge Series Champion....He's won all over the world posting many wins in New Zealand and also in Australia. 

In 2002 he wouls score his only Track Championship winning it at Silver Dollar Speedway. But he rarely ran at for track championships he was mostly chasing the 410 Series Championahips and most big money races....

In 2012 he won the King of the West championship winning 4 main events and finishing in the top 5 10 times in 17 starts in winning his 1st KWS title after winning two of them in the former Golden State Series.

Won the May 3rd, 2013 night before the Dave Bradway Jr. race at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California. The following night in the 23rd Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race Allared made the podium finishing 3rd to winner Rico Abreu and 2nd place went to Kyle Hirst. On Friday May 10th for the 2nd Friday Night in a row Jonathan wins the 410 Sprint Main at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California. JA headed to Fernley, Nevada for the 1st the King of the West headed to Nevada and Allard would end up 5th on Friday Night. Came back the next night with a sweet pass near the end to win the Saturday night May 18th race. On May 26th Jonathan scored a podium finish at Tulare with a 3rd place finish in the King of the West series. On June 22nd and for the 4th time in the history of the Jim Raper Dirt Cup Allard won the prestigious race holding off good friend Peter Murphy and Rico Abreu for the win. It was a huge crowd on hand to watch a great race and Jonathan lead from start to finish to now put himself 2nd on the overall win list by himself with 4 wins trailing only Jimmy Sills who has 6. On June 28th at Silver Dollar Speedway Allard took the win in the 410 sprint series and then the following night at Placerville in the King of the West series he made it 3 wins in a row. The following Wednesday Night in a non point race on July Fourth Jonathan made it 4 wins in a row with another victory at Chico. July 13th saw him head to Ocean Speedway for the first time and he did it again winning his 2nd Howard Kaeding Classic. On Aug 2, 2013 Allard did it again as he won the 410 Sprint feature event at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California.

Jonathan would end up with 9 wins in 2013.

In 2014 and 2015 he would get 25 wins over the two years in all kinds of compitition....winning mostly in Ling of the West and at Silver Dollar Speedway. He started slowing down his scheduke after the 2017 season just running a small schedule and still competing over in New Zealand....


It sounds like in 2021 he will be back racing in the summer in the Dalton's Motorsports car in California they are a New Zealand race team the Peter Murphy raced for and Scotty Parker currently races for....


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