DOB: 11-26-1972

Hometown: Cameron Park, California

Car #: 23n, 77f, 5, 33v, 4, 14, 83, 86,5, 1, 10, 35m. 1m, 83jr, 3c

Car Owner:  

23n (Nubby Peterson), 77f (Finley Brothers), 33v Van Dam Racing 5 Ron Smith, 83jr Roth, 35m Main Racing, 83 Tiner Racing, 10 Rolfe Racing, 3c Lamar Racing



1996 and 2007 Silver Dollar Track Championships in the 410 Division...

Race Stats: 

Win List: 11 Wins at Silver Dollar Speedway, 9 Civil War Series wins.....8 Wins at Marysville Raceway Park,  12 wins at Placerville Speedway

Full Bio

Brother to Jonathan Allard. 2012 he finished 6th in the Civil War series. Passed away at the age of 40 on December 24, 2012.

He got his first win in 1991 at Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, California.....1995 He scored the most wins in a year with 7. 8-times in his career he finished in the top ten in points in the Civil War Series. He Won a race in California, Oregon and Montana during his career. He also Scored wins in the 2006 Chris and Brian Faria Memorial Race and the 2010 Mel Hall Memorial Race....7 Times he finished in the top ten in points at Silver Dollar Speedway 410 Sprint Division. He finished second to Andy Forsberg his l;ast year of racing at Placerville and had 4 wins on the season....



Stephan can say on September 26, 2009 that he got his only Series victory with a win at Yakima in the Nubby Peterson 23n in the ASCS NW. He also made 17 "A" Mains, won a "B" Main and also 5 Heat Races.


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