April 14th, 2017 update I have added a lot of California history, 1970-2000 NARC race by race win list, 1987-2016 Golden State Challenge Series race by race win list, on the Champions event list see all the event winners for all the special races out of California, Civil War Win List, Southern Oregon Speedway Sprint car top ten list for all years they have run 360 sprint races and so much more….more to come

Southern Oregon Sprint Tour



Southern Oregon Sprint Tour


(New Series established in the Southern Region of Oregon in 2013 with all

 races being at either Southern Oregon Speedway or Coos Bay Speedway)



2013  Kyler Barraza

Top Ten:

Kyler Barraza  811

Preston Jones  806

Lawrence Van Hoof  624

John Black  567

Vern Wheeler  536

David Hibbard  507

Truman Winningham  464

Dave May  326

Tanner Morrison  301

Wayne Kniffen  251

Ryan Fullerton  159

Grant Caragnon  152

Matt Mobley  64

Raquel Ivie  58

Anthony Pope  57

Chris Sherman  53

Dusty Redmond  44

Scott Kelly  38

Donovan Prather  37

Steve Thompson  35

Kirk Hobson  34

Dan Philpott  13


2014 Kyler Barazza

Top Ten:

Kyler Barazza  373

Jake Wheeler  314

Lawrence VanHoof 309

Matt Moberly  295

Scott Kelley  292

Tanner Morrison 278

Dave May 253

Mike Wheeler 228

John Black 68

Orion Redmond  62