January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

A fans Perspective of the Gold Cup from Silver Dollar Speedway

A fans perspective of Gold Cup


By Janelle Schindler


With three Gold Cups under my belt now I still don’t have all the years of attendance that some do but I still loved it.  I have been a race fan my whole life but only recently caught the Gold Cup bug.  Each year has been exciting but I think this one was the best yet.  This year I decided to spend the first two nights in the turn four bleachers and the last two in the pits.  I got a whole new perspective and an even bigger respect for the teams and drivers.  I saw up close and personal as they wrenched on the cars trying to make them the best that they could be.  Being right there in the middle of them working their butts off was quite an experience.  It was exciting, nerve wracking all at the same time.


From the minute the cars hit the track for wheel packing on Wednesday to the final checkered flag my heart was pounding.   Gold Cup is something that I look forward to all year.  I guess because there is electricity in the air throughout.  Plus it’s four straight days of dirt flying, fans cheering and the smell of victory and defeat in the air. 


I can’t say what my favorite moment was because there are always too many to choose from.  From the slide jobs, the hard racing, the spins, the crashes and the flips onto their lids and sides, laughing my butt off at the crazy shenanigans in the camping area, to getting to know other race fans from all over, there is no way to pick a favorite.  If you haven’t experienced it, you need to.  Day one to the end there’s lots of excitement and fun to be had.  From what I experienced in the camping area this year, the party starts the second you arrive.  You will meet people from all walks of life and see several different divisions of racing.  This year we had Civil War 360 Sprints, Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprints, 360 Sprints, USAC/CRA Wingless Sprints, World of Outlaws 410 Winged Sprints and Dwarf Cars.  


It seems like every race that I go to I meet incredible people but I have to say that at Gold Cup you meet an eclectic bunch of people and this year wasn’t any different.  I met someone from Australia, present drivers, former drivers and crew, plus some truly addicted fans.


From the hustle and bustle on the grounds to the greatest sound in the world (the sound of a sprint cars running wide open), to seeing and feeling the dirt fly.  Yes I got hit a few times, but it was so worth it.  The stings of the dirt clods hitting various parts of the body are just part the experience.  If a bruise forms then it’s a badge of honor, a remembrance of the experience.  It is part of being a dirt racing fan.


Every event has its challenges, this year’s Gold Cup definitely had its share but the vibe amongst the campers Friday night / Saturday morning was evidence of good times being had by all.  It was all about having a great time with old and new friends and celebrating the sport that we all love.  It is an experience that every dirt fan should encounter.


When you come, don’t expect for the Outlaws to just run away and take everything.  Just expect to be treated to a great show.  This year wasn’t any different; the Cali boys showed the Outlaws that they don’t rule every race and every track.  It was good hard clean racing and a kick in the butt to watch.


If you haven’t made it to Gold Cup, you need to put it on your must see race list.  That’s just the opinion of this addicted dirt track racing fan.  See you at the track.

January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Tyler Thompson wins the 1st ever ISCS Week of Speed…….



Tyler Thompson had a week I doubt many if any 16 year-old has ever had…so lets go race 6 races in 6 Nights at 5 different race tracks and throw in 29 of the best drivers in the pacific northwest….and all he did was win twice and was crowned the 1st ever ISCS Week of Speed Champion……it was a memorable week for Tyler but it was defiantly not easy in fact it was pretty damn hard when you consider the amount of talent that was out there every night….Tyler got it started off in style by winning the opening night at Coos Bat Speedway besting 28 other cars to bring the #7 home for the win holding off Jake Wheeler ….On to Cottage Grove Speedway his home track and where he of course has had the most success and where you would think he would do well…He was doing great moving into the lead and then between Jake Helsel and Bailey Sucich the three were putting on a show after getting by Sucich coming out of turn four they touched tires and it sent Tyler flying and destroying his car….it was just one of those things that happen nothing but good hard racing it happens….Tyler had no idea if they could get another car together but was able to with the help again of good friend Kevin Journey….back out came the famous Blonde Bombshell red Wing and onto Willamette for the 3rd race out of 6….Tyler after coming off an 18th place at Cottage Grove drove a great race and just didn’t have much for the winner Kyle Miller and brought home the #7 in 2nd place for a solid way to rebound…..now it was onto the bull ring that is Sunset Speedway in Banks, Oregon….there would be the smallest car count of the week and it was still 25 cars…..this track tends to be a one lane track by the feature and that night it was no different you had to be on your A game to get the win…Tyler ended up 6th with Shane Forte pulling off the win and there was actually many passes but Tyler just couldn’t get the bite he was hoping for and just tried to stay in the top five…but ended up 6th…. Now to end the week and hopefully on a good note it was onto a track Tyler had never seen….well it didn’t take long to figure it out as he went out and held off his toughest competition to get his 2nd win of the week…holding off his two toughest competitors of the week Jake Helsel and Tanner Holmes as they seemed to be glued to the hip…. On Saturday and the final night of the 1st ever ISCS Week of Speed…it would be Tyler trying to chase down the leader and eventual Winner of the race Helsel…..but in the end it he might not have won the race but he did take home the title Champion of the Week of Speed…having accumulated the most points at the end of the week….Tyler tied for most Week of Speed wins with Helsel with 2 and then would finish inside the top two on two different occasions…..he would have an 18th and a 6th on the other two races….it was a great week for a young driver who is slowly making a name for himself…..Congrats to Tyler and his whole team who are made up of some great people helping him reach his potential…..Thanks also for all the help this past month by Kevin and Allison Journey keeping Tyler out of the track after two bad crashes…..its now on to a few more weekly Limited Sprint Shows at Cottage Grove and to Coos Bay at the end of September for the ISCS final night of competition and a chance at the ISCS Series Championship….there is also still a chance for the Cottage Grove Speedway Limited Track Champion…so still alot to shoot for and it could be a great end to a breakout season for the teenager…. 

January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

ISCS Week of Speed a resounding success….




In 2011 the ISCS was started as a 360 Traveling Sprint car series in the Northwest mostly in the state of Oregon……and was around for just two years and then came back for a cameo appearance in 2016 with a handful of races…..Then in 2018 Brian Crockett and Company brought it back as the first that I could find anywhere traveling Limited Sprint Series with 14 events….One of the most intriguing things I noticed back in January when the Schedule came out was the Week of Speed set up like the old Northern Sprint Tour used to run their speedweek….Start in Oregon and end in Washington at Grays Harbor Raceway…..I have been to almost all the 360 Speedweek races since it started in 1998….its one of the best weeks of the year period…..I was looking forward to going to all of the ISCS Week of Speed, but had blimp in the radar with my grandson being in the hospital…but PJ at DirtOval TV hooked me up and watched every race…..after the first of its kind I think beyond a doubt it was a resounding success….with an average car count of 29 and on three occasions there were 30 or more ……the fans, promoters and drivers got to see what this was and will become ….great racing with strong drivers, putting on great racing night after night….oh throw in the fact the Dwarf Association brought over 30 cars and on the last two nights over 40 cars every night you got over 60 cars in two classes on all 6 nights….it was simply awesome…You had a 16 year-old win two races and the overall Week of Speed Champion in Tyler Thompson….Jake Helsel from Washington winning twice himself….and then in a twist of Irony…..Kyle Miller driving the #17 that is usually driven by Colby Carter and owned by Hedge Carter would win Wednesday at Willamette and on the last lap Miller and the leader Shane Forte would touch and it would send Forte barrel flipping into the turn three wall destroying his car….On the next night with no car to drive Hedge put Forte in the #17 and he went out and won…..talk about a storybook ending….Outstanding job by Hedge to put two good drivers in his car along with putting Jake Waddell in his personal #71 and Jake put it into the main…..it was great week with 6 races in a row at five different tracks….there is already talk of the Dwarfs wanting to be a part of next years Week of Speed…..From what I saw and heard from the drivers I expect there will be many more wanting to do this next year….it was good cars with good drivers putting on a show all week long….with the Modified Speedweek, the 360 Western Sprint Tour Speedweek and now the ISCS Week of Speed we in the Northwest are lucky and can enjoy some of the best racing in the country with these three events….add in the ISCS Series and the Summer Thunder Sprint Series its great racing up in the beautiful northwest corner of the US……I personally am proud that I’m one of the sponsors of the series as I really didn’t know what to expect, but have been pleasantly surprised by the car counts and quality racing this series brings….its what the future is showing us and you either jump aboard or not….I’m in with both feet and look forward to what 2019 brings to the ISCS Series…….Great job to Brian, Heather and all those involved in conceiving the idea and making it work…. 

January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Tyler Thompson experienced the Highs and Lows of racing….



Tyler Thompson Racing…..


Two weeks ago Tyler experienced the Lows of racing on Friday Night at Willamette to the Highs the following night at Cottage Grove….On Friday July 27th at Willamette in ISCS Series action…Tyler was coming through the field in a crash fest night filled with Red Flags and he happened to miss them all Until………….then with just 7 laps to go coming out of turn 3 he thought he had cleared AJ Harbaugh only to clip his tire and what happen next was mayhem….he flipped and bent the chassis and ruined his last wing…..he went from a 7th place or better finish to outside the top ten…..any hopes it looked like of winning the ISCS Championship were gone….didn’t look good for him to race the following night at Cottage Grove…..then Kevin Journey (Allison’s dad) came to the rescue and they went to his shop and pulled out a chassis from 2008 and wing that was red that said Blonde Bombshell on it….Kevin said it was 20 plus years old and he got it back then used….so the team put the car together and duck taped the number 7t on the side of the Blonde Bombshell and showed up to race…He qualified 2nd fastest in his group and was only fourth in his heat but found himself in the re-draw for the top eight spots….then what happened next is hard to believe with an old car put together by the team during the day Tyler starting fourth did a great move after the poll sitter stuttered on the start and darted down low and took the lead from the start and when Tyler got into lap traffic he looked like a seasoned pro…picking the right lines every time being patient and on Saturday Night Tyler experienced the highs this sport can bring as he brought the red winged Blonde Bombshell home for his first ISCS career win……it was a great drive by a young driver who was hoping to just finish and he pulled off the win…..it was on to two Nights last weekend with the Summer Thunder Sprint Series 360 Sprints…..Tyler would have a solid showing in the car with only a handful of races in a 360 Tyler held his own…On Friday Night at Cottage Grove he would get 2nd in his heat and finish a solid 7th in a field filled with great drivers…..On Saturday Night at Cottage Grove Speedway….he would finish 3rd in his heat and just miss out inside the top ten with an 11th place finish……Now its onto the ISCS Week of Speed with 6 races in 6 nights at five different tracks……Tyler enters the week just 16 points out of first place……wishing Tyler the best as he competes this week…..



2018 By The Numbers:   22 Race, 9 Top 5’s, 12 Top 10…..3 Win’s and 5 Podiums


On Tap:  ISCS Limited Sprint Tour Week of Speed..Monday August 13 Coos Bay, Tuesday August 14 Cottage Grove, Wednesday August 15 Willamette Speedway, Thursday August 16 Banks Speedway, Friday and Saturday August 17 and 18th at Grays Harbor Raceway……..


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January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..

Tyler Thompson wins breath taking ISCS A Main with a back-up car

Tyler Thompson Rebounds To Win July 28th ISCS Date At CGS

By Ben Deatherage  Cottage Grove, Oregon- The Interstate Sprint Car Series capped off their doubleheader weekend at Cottage Grove Speedway on Saturday, July 28th. Twenty-three cars were in attendance representing the states of Oregon and Washington. It is the third time 2018 has visited Cottage Grove Speedway.

Fourth-starting Tyler Thompson would get up on the wheel and took over the lead exiting the first turn on the opening lap. The only thing that would slow the Harrisburg teenager down were two stoppages. Each restart he managed to remain dominant over the rest of the field and retained the top spot the entire time after making some key decisions in lapped traffic.

It marked the first time that Thompson has won with the ISCS and is the fifth different winner in as many races with the series. The team were coming off a horrible crash at Willamette Speedway the previous evening and they had to rebuild a brand-new race car from the ground up.

Jacksonville’s Tanner Holmes put up an impressive second over Shane Forte, of Junction City, in third. Cottage Grove competitor Kinzer Cox was fourth over fifth finishing Jake Helsel, from Monroe, Washington. The three fast timers in the three groups were Shane Forte, McKenzie Bridge teenager A.J. Harbaugh, and Thurston’s Ricky Ashley. Collecting wins in the heats were Don Waddell of Roseburg, Medford veteran Dave Hibbard, and Kinzer Cox.

The Interstate Sprint Car Series returns to racing on Monday, August 13th at Coos Bay Speedway for ISCS Speedweek. Tuesday will be at Cottage Grove Speedway while Wednesday is at Willamette Speedway. Sunset Speedway Park will host the Thursday bout while the week gets capped off at Gary Harbor Raceway, in Elma, Washington, on Friday and Saturday.

ISCS would like to thank their series sponsors/marketing partners BC Motorsports, Highline Performance, NWSprintCarHistory.com, Champion Racing Oil, and Hoosier Racing Tires. For the latest news and updates regarding the Interstate Sprint Car Series be sure and visit their Facebook page.

Race Results: Interstate Sprint Car Series Race #5 Saturday, July 28th, 2018 Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, Oregon

A Feature 1: 1. 7-Tyler Thompson, ; 2. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 3. 26F-Shane Forte, ; 4. 1K-Kinzer Cox, ; 5. 44-Jake Helsel, ; 6. 85-Ricky Ashley, ; 7. 25S-Camden Robustelli, ; 8. 3H-David Hibbard, ; 9. 1-Bailey Hibbard, ; 10. 66-Brett McGhie, ; 11. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh, ; 12. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 13. 10K-Don Waddell, ; 14. 4J-Allison Journey, ; 15. 3B-Ian Bandey, ; 16. 5C-Brody Cooper, ; 17. 3F-Scott Fox, ; 18. 71R-RC Levin, ; 19. 87-Kyler Barraza, ; 20. 15R-Vern Scevers, ; 21. 12-Steven Snawder, ; 22. 71-Hedge Carter, ; 23. 57-Dusty Redmond,

Heat 1: 1. 10K-Don Waddell, ; 2. 15R-Vern Scevers, ; 3. 25S-Camden Robustelli, ; 4. 26F-Shane Forte, ; 5. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 6. 3F-Scott Fox, ; 7. 5C-Brody Cooper, ; 8. 71-Hedge Carter,

Heat 2: 1. 3H-David Hibbard, ; 2. 44-Jake Helsel, ; 3. 57-Dusty Redmond, ; 4. 7-Tyler Thompson, ; 5. 66-Brett McGhie, ; 6. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh, ; 7. 12-Steven Snawder, ; 8. 71R-RC Levin,

Heat 3: 1. 1K-Kinzer Cox, ; 2. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 3. 87-Kyler Barraza, ; 4. 85-Ricky Ashley, ; 5. 1-Bailey Hibbard, ; 6. 4J-Allison Journey, ; 7. 3B-Ian Bandey,