April 14th, 2017 update I have added a lot of California history, 1970-2000 NARC race by race win list, 1987-2016 Golden State Challenge Series race by race win list, on the Champions event list see all the event winners for all the special races out of California, Civil War Win List, Southern Oregon Speedway Sprint car top ten list for all years they have run 360 sprint races and so much more….more to come

NWWT All-Time Trophy Dash Wins




All-Time Trophy Dash Wins

79 Events (2009-2016)


In 2016 the NWWT Became the Wingless Sprint Car Series…..


Dash Wins:

Kyle Miller 9

Rob Lindsey 4

Gary Davis 3

Kady Adelman  2

Tim Alberding 2

Colin Baker 2

Jake Gilman 2

Sterling Kane 2

Evan Margeson 2

Dallas Melby 2

Chris Peterson 2

Dale Smith 2

Tony Thomas 2

Steve Vague 2

Lawrence Vanhoof  2

Brady Bacon 1

Lindsay Barney  1

Kyler Barraza 1

Jeff Bell 1

Joe Bosso Jr. 1

Ryan Bothwell 1

Pat Canfield 1

Josh Dewitt 1

Mitch Hoffses 1

Kyle Mehner 1

Tommy Moreno Jr.  1

Mark Nichols 1

Dylan Olsen 1

Shawn Rice 1

Mike Romig 1

Zach Spaulding 1

John Tharp 1

Bill Winsley 1