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All-Time Trophy Cup A Main Winners



All-Time Trophy Cup

A Main Winners


There have been a total from 1994-2016 50 A Mains raced at the Trophy Cup and here is your All-Time 

A Main Win List……….



Trophy Cup A Main Win List (50):

Tim Kaeding  6

Ronnie Day  4

Randy Hannigan  4

Brent Kaeding  3

Rico Abreu  2

Willie Croft  2

Andy Forsberg  2

Kyle Hirst  2

Kyle Larson  2

Terry McCarl  2

Paul McMahan  2

Tyler Walker  2

Jonathan Allard  1

Colby Copeland  1

Roger Crockett  1

Ricci Faria  1

Jac Haudenschild  1

Bud Kaeding  1

Steve Kent  1

Mark Kinser  1

Buddy Kofoid  1

Rick  Martin  1

Peter Murphy  1

Jason Myers  1

Blake Robertson  1

Eric Rossi  1

Joey Saldana  1

Stevie Smith  1

Randy Tiner  1