January 24, 2018….updated all 2017 Series, Event and Track Champions for all of Oregon, Washington, Montana and California….plus added Civil War Series Top Ten in Standings for 1999, 2003 and 2017….added Top Ten in 360 Sprints at Placerville for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…..


Welcome to a Sprint Car site like no other. You will be able to spend as long as you want on this site as there are results that go back to 1996 and when I mean results I mean full results (Fast Time, Dash, Heat and all Mains) for every race since the Northern Sprint Tour started. You get the last 11 years of the 360 nationals and the Dirt Cup. You get Bios on over 600 drivers and more to come.

The Bio’s will be open to all of the fans, friends and relatives of drivers to add to them…If you have something to add just email nwsprintcarhistory@gmail.com and we will add it.

We have stats like nothing you have seen before. We have series, track and event champions. Little Bio’s on all the race tracks that were a part of the 360 Series over the last 16 years. Then down the left side you will have links to series and the series points from California up to Canada and as far as Montana. You will have links to all the racetracks.

You can just click on the race Calendar and see every 410, 360 wing or non-wing plus midgets in the northwest every week so you can decide which track you want to head to. Links to all kinds of great Sprint car sites, Videos from all over along with some Photos…this is the area I want to see grow by leaps and bounds…if anyone has photos of NST, NSCS and ASCS NW races and drivers I’ll make sure they get up and your name as the collection. So Please enjoy and send any and all suggestions of things you would like to see added….Remember this is a Sprint cars on Dirt site only as I only have so much time and room on the site….there will be weekly coverage on all the happenings, results and any other news that relates to Sprint car racing on the west coast. Check back often…If your business is interested in advertising on the site just contact nwsprintcarhistory@gmail.com and will make it happen.